ATTENTION! A NEW VERSION of SCALEOPIA is in the works and will be implemented soon!! Stay tuned for a more user friendly location to get your scales from!

Welcome to Scaleopia. Guitar players, bass players and all other musicians that are looking for new scale formulas should be able to find at least one of interest here. The scales are displayed for a variety of methods that should permit anyone to be able to make use of them. Standard notation is available for those that read music. Tablature for guitarists...bass tab is soon to follow. And fretboard diagrams are shown to create a moveable pattern up and down the fretboard. (A bass version will also be available some time.)

This a very time consuming project of mine and updates occur few and far between. My apologies to those of you who wish that things would change faster.

As for why I am doing this: I have always had a fascination with scales, as they are the vocabulary words of music. Although I am not a schooled musician, I have always read everything that I could find abou music and playing it, I feel that it would be selfish of me not to share the information that I have come across in my reading. It is my hope that any of this information will somehow inspire at least one musician to play something new and different.

To get to the scales that you want, just choose from the links on the top of the page.

The F.A.Q. section will emerge as questions are asked (should there be any) and it will be updated as it is needed, so check it out regularly to watch it grow.

Any comments, suggestions or further questions can be e-mailed through the E-mail link.

I would like offer an aplolgy to those visitors who have taken the time to ask questions and have received no answers. I took a small vacation (which has turned into a huge one due to the loss of a computer and other unforseen events) and was happily computerless for a while.

Now that I am back in front of one, I have learned that there are quite a few questions to answer and plenty of suggestions that are worthy of implementing. Please see that the F.A.Q. section will finally begin to have F.A.Q.'s on it!...(one day)