10 / 4 / 2003:

The long awaited DMN 019 MC has finally been released and is none other than MOONTOWER's "The Wolf's Hunger" cass. mlp. A sample of good old fashioned Polish black metal.


15 / 11 / 2002:

With a mail order list of 1200+ titles, this is most definitely one of the biggest underground distros, so do keep an eye on any new arrivals!


24 / 10 / 2001:

Another impressive piece of 7" vinyl has been unleashed consisting my own act MACABRE OMEN and the DEMONION Prod. brethren AD INFEROS. This fifth 7" release comes with an astonishing colored cover and will mark the termination of any future releases for the moment. Only time shall reveal...


6 / 6 / 2001:

Just on time for Armaggedon the four way split 7" with DEMON REALM / AXIS OF ADVANCE / GARWALL / F.R.O.S.T. has been spawned.


14 / 3 / 2001:

MORCROF's third has finally been unleashed creating a total chaos of 24 demo releases so forth. Plans for more demos are not considered at present despite the fact that an impressive number of underground acts wishes to release their demo under the DEMONION Prod. banner. Time shall tell...


21 / 11 / 2000:

New demo releases from SERAPH / NETHEREALM and FOREVER WINTER with colourful pro covers!


20 / 9 / 2000:

My participation in ISO 666 will spawn some incredible acts' albums so keep an eye on what shall be unleashed!


24 / 8 / 2000:

The GOETIA demo has finally been spawned just a bit before their debut album on MORDGRIMM Rec.


30 / 7 / 2000:

The icon "new" has been placed next to each new item in order to help our frequent customers in detecting new products from our vast mail - order list!!!


20 / 7 / 2000:

The DEMONION Prod. site has been updated and this "news section" will give you details about the past, the future and the present activities of the label.