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2002 - NOW
   Here are some current clips that NBC13 airs. WVTM has started doing what no station in Birmingham has done in 7 years: begin some newscasts with a talent open. The graphics were created by Novocom, and the theme was originally used by WCAU in Philly.
NBC13 News Today Open (34Kb)
    FYI: Ken Lass (former sports director) and Melissa Pace anchor this early-morning, two-hour newscast.
NBC13 News Update Open (8Kb)
    FYI: Used for Today show cut-ins.
NBC13 News Midday Open (38Kb)
    FYI: Anchors Melony Johnson (oh, BTW, she was at 42 during that nasty little "firing" in '98) and Ken Lass take on the news at 11:00.
NBC13 News at 5:00 Open (no talent) (26Kb)
    FYI: Mike Royer and Fran Curry bring us the first news of the evening at 5:00.
NBC13 News at 6:00 Open (no talent) (22Kb)
    FYI: Malena Wells anchors the news at 6:00 with Mike Moore.
NBC13 News at 10:00 Open (53Kb)
    FYI: Mike Royer and Fran are back to cover the nightbeat at 10:00.

2001 - 2002
   The graphics from this time period were created by Novocom and began their run in December 2001. Image News hung around (since its addoption in May 1999), but the theme quickly changed a few months later.
NBC13 News Today Open (34Kb)
NBC13 News Update Open (17Kb)
NBC13 News Midday Open (35Kb)
NBC13 News at 5:00 Open (35Kb)
NBC13 News at 6:00 Open (35Kb)
NBC13 News at 10:00 Open (35Kb)

NBC13 "We've Got You Covered" Promo (59Kb)
    FYI: And yes, this is a sample of NBC - New Millennium from GCI.

1999 - 2001
   To celebrate their 50th anniversary, WVTM had an image overhaul. They got new graphics, new set, and new music. They began using the Image News Package from Gari Communications with NBC logo notes. Along with the voice of Paul Turner, "We've got you covered!"
WVTM-TV, NBC13 ID (10Kb)
NBC13 News Sunrise Open (19Kb)
    FYI: Sunrise was added in September of 1998 as a counter to WBRC-6's extending their Daybreak show by half and hour to begin at 5:00. Later NBC13 News Today took Sunrise's place.
NBC13 News Today Open (19Kb)
NBC13 News Today Talent Open (34Kb)
NBC13 News Midday Open (19Kb)
NBC13 News Midday Talent Open (34Kb)
NBC13 News at 5:00 Open (18Kb)
NBC13 News at 5:00 Talent Open (35Kb)
    FYI: Mike Royer came to Birmingham in the late '70s from Terre Haute, IN. Mike was with WBRC until moving to 13 in 1989.
NBC13 News at 6:00 Open (18Kb)
NBC13 News at 6:00 Talent Open (41Kb)
NBC13 News at 10:00 Open (19Kb)

   NBC13 does not air many promos. They mainly stick to topicals promoting the newscasts that evening. However, ratings month brings out the best in most stations!
NBC13 Anniversary Wish (20Kb)
   NBC13 started as WAFM-TV in May 1949. This was for Alabama's 1st Television Station's 50th Anniversary.
NBC13 "The More You Know" PSA (59Kb)
    FYI: The voices, in order, are as follows: Mike Royer, Fran Curry, Mike Moore, Theresa Durden (formerly with NBC13), Melanie Johnson, Jerry Tracey, and Malena Wells.
NBC13 News Promo (60Kb)
NBC13 News Promo (one minute) (117Kb)
    FYI: This song is from 615 Music in Nashvile, TN.
NBC13 Night Watch Promo (59Kb)
NBC13 Station ID: Happy Holidays (9Kb)
NBC13 "We've Got You Covered" Promo (59Kb)

   Here are the sounds of NBC13 and the Impact News Package. The station toyed around with the logo and the graphics for about 3 years before settling for the current stuff.
NBC13 News at 6:00 Open (36Kb)
    FYI: This open came from January 1998 after a bomb exploded at the New Woman All-Women abortion clinic downtown. Theresa filled in for Malena who was covering the story from Southside.
NBC13 News at 10:00 Open (Weekend) (17Kb)
NBC13 News at 10:00 Talent Open (Weekend) (39Kb)
    FYI: This was always the rejoin after the first commercial break.
NBC13 Sports Extra Open (19Kb)

   This was the last 5 seconds of a 10:00 news topical.
10:00 News Topical (part) (12Kb)
    FYI: This aired on October 2, 1995.

1991 - 1994
   Here the image of the station changed from TV 13 to Alabama's 13. Also, more computer-generated graphics made their way to our TV sets.
Alabama's 13 First News Open (5:00) 1994 (30Kb)
    FYI: This aired in February 1994. After WVTM let Gene Lively go, they replaced him with Mike Royer. Then they moved Malena Cunningham (Malena Wells) and Phil Rozen from 6 to 5 and put Pam Huff and Mike Royer at 6 and 10.
Alabama's 13 First News Open (5:00) 1991 (30Kb)
    FYI: This aired in January 1991 right after the introduction of this new music package.

   This was the open to "Alabama's Prime News" on TV13 which was WVTM-TV's 6:00 newscast. This theme had been around for a while, but the image only lasted about a year. This was one of the first opens to have more computer graphic effects.
Alabama's Prime News (6:00 Open) (47Kb)
    FYI: This newscast aired on Thursday, December 6, 1990. Anchors Pam Huff (with WVTM from 1977-June 24, 1994) and Phil Rozen (with WVTM from 1982-August 1995) gave the news of the day while the still-present Jerry Tracey and Ken Lass took on weather and sports, "live from atop Red Mountain!"

1987 - 1989
   In 1987 WVTM was breaking away from its Action News format and was going for a softer, yet news conscious image. Channel 13 (TV 13) made news good!
Sky 13 Sting (9Kb)
    FYI: Sky 13 was the helicopter. WVTM got rid of it in the early '90s and does not currently own one.
"We've Got It Good Alabama" Promo (59Kb)
    FYI: A catchy little station promo from 1988 (I'm gussing). It features Pam Huff, Phil Rozen, Gene Lively (the anchors) and other personalities.
Eastern Bureau Promo (59Kb)
    FYI: The eastern bureau opened in 1988. Now an eastern bureau is no big deal.

I am still looking for an open to any newscast from this time period that uses the theme in the 1990 open! Plus, I need more information on the package!

Also, I desperately need a copy of the "Hello Birmingham" promo from WVTM in the mid-80s!

   Well, in 1985 stations around the area started promoting how they had, or had more stereo than the other stations. Yeah, the news in stereo... Woo hoo! This was also when the campaign was "13 And You!"
WVTM-TV, Station ID (10Kb)
    FYI: Isn't more genuine stereo great?

1981 - 1983
   In the early '80s after WVTM switched call letters (for the third time) from WAPI, they became 13 Action News.
Channel 13 News Live at 5 Open (33Kb)
    FYI: The anchors are Joe Langston, Pam Huff, James Spann, and Herb Winches. They anchor all three newscasts.
Channel 13 News at 6:00 Open (34Kb)
    FYI: Joe Langston left WBRC-6 for WVTM. Later in the '80s he returned to Channel 6.
Channel 13 News at 10:00 Open (34Kb)
    FYI: Here, James Spann came from WCFT-33 in Tuscaloosa. He left WVTM-13 to forecast the weather at WSFA-12 in Montgomery (NBC) and in Texas before returning to Birmingham in 1990 to forecast at WBRC-6.

1979 - 1981
   In September 1979, WAPI (soon to become WVTM) decided that they wanted to play hardball and a year later they wanted to get Joe Langston and Herb Winches from WBRC-6. So they did ($$$).
ActionNews 13 Open (37Kb)
    FYI: From 1979, WAPI used a sample of Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" just like WFMZ and KXII. Too bad they didn't use the other really cool version.
ActionNews 13 Moves Promo (57Kb)
    FYI: The 6:00 news moved to 5:00 to be 30 minutes ahead of WBRC's "Total News" at 5:30. A year or two later they added the 6:00 again for news at 5, 6, and 10.
ActionNews 13 New Faces Promo (59Kb)
    FYI: Yes, indeed! Some nice Classical Gas in this promo, but JIM Spann????
"Have You Seen the New 13?" Promo (59Kb)
    FYI: Yes, a bit southern, but 13 was determined to make sure that Birmingham knew that their beloved Langston and Winches were leaving WBRC!
Pony Express Rider Promo Pam Huff (59Kb)
    FYI: This is too good to resist! While the promo is extremely cheesy (yes, I can use that word), I really like the music and the ending signature. Great slogan: "Bringing it all home to you like nobody else!"
Decision '80 Election Promo (116Kb)
    FYI: A note on Rosemary Lucas: 13 really gave her the shaft when weather went away from the "weather girl" to real meteorologists. The station just kinda stuck her wherever.

   WAPI aired "13 Alive" with Wendell Harris (the news director) and Rosemary Lucas. This open is from May 22, 1979.
13 Alive Open (57Kb)
    FYI: Yes, a bit mangled at the beginning, but you can hear that theme! What a classic theme from the '70s and '80s!

   Channel 13's third set of call letters were WAPI. Here, in 1978, Channel 13 newscasts were called NewsWatch 13.
    FYI: If I had the entire ID, it would probably say, "WAPI. Channel 13... Birmingham!"
NewsWatch 13 at 6:00 Open (35Kb)
    FYI: This is the beginning of Pam Huff's Birmingham career. She'd only been at the station for about a year.
NewsWatch 13 at 10:00 Open (28Kb)
    FYI: An interesting note, the 13 logo WAPI used in 1978 had the 13 in the same font that it is now. Futuristic or retro?
"13... Seven Days a Week" Promo (48Kb)
    FYI: I'm missing the beginning of the promo, but it shows the very recognizable "spinning 13 box logo" outside of the studios at the base of Red Mountain.