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Traderoutes start out as an aid to help me visualized (in an intutive way) and plot 3 parsec jump routes for certain stars in my canidate list for my as yet unname science fiction epic.
I have expanded my star list to include Stars in Science Fiction
and stars from the Extrasolar Planets Catalog
Each star map is a hypertext linked table. I used tables because:

  1. ) I'm not a very good artist.
  2. ) I do not know (at least yet) or have access to VRML.
How I created the routes is fairly simple:
STEP 1 Use the gliese3.cprogram to generate a 3pc map around a target star
STEP 2 From this map, select a new target star that is closest to the sun
Repeat steps 1 & 2 until:
i)I generate a map that contains the Sun
ii)I generate a map that contains a star that already has a route plotted
iii)I run out of stars
Maybe not the most eligant method, but it works for me.
I have tried to be as throught as the sources available to me.
If I have made a mistake or omission, please feel free to email me.
If you know the gliese id number and/or its Earth based X,Y,Z coordinates
(in parsec units) would be extremely helpful!
Now onto the Traderoutes! I wish to thank Winchell Chung for without his 3-D Starmap this site would not be possible
and for the use of his star icons

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