Christ Bethke

Christ and Augusta Bethke Family
Prussia to Chicago

Christ Bethke was born in Prussia on February 18, 1854 to mother Carolina. He immigrated to the United States in 1871. By 1877, Christ had secured a position with the Chicago Surface Lines as a Conductor.

On February 23, 1879, Christ Bethke married Auguste WEINSHEIMER. His address at the time was 84 West 19th Street in Chicago, Illinois. Copy of their marriage certificate

Although, Christ and Augusta had 8 children. We only know of 5 of them.

Mina was born December 31, 1879.

Charles was born on May 21, 1884
Anna Martha arrived on January 10, 1890
Henry George was born September 28, 1894
George Henry was born October 13, 1900.

Christ and Augusta Bethke
1880 Federal Census
625 South Union St.
Chicago, Illinois

BETHKY, Christian, age 25, occupation - Conductor on Street Car
Gusta, age 22
Mina, 5/12 months, born in January (1880)
Carolina, age 62, Mother (to Christian)

1900 Census
843 W. 21st St.
Chicago, Illinois

Christ (age 45), wife Auguste (age 43), son Charles (age 16) was employed as a laborer. Daughter Anne (age 11) and son Henry (age 5) were attending school.

1910 Federal Census
950 West 18th Place
Chicago, Illinois

Christ F. Bethke(age 55) was employed as a Conductor on the Street Cars. Wife Augusta (age 51) kept the house. They were married for 31 years in 1910. They had 8 children, 4 still living. Daughter Anna (age 20) was employed as a Decorator in a China Ware factory. Son Henry (age 15) was a laborer in a box factory. Their youngest son George (age 9) attended school.

Christ's mother-in-law, Augusta (Gustinia) Weinsheimer was age 81. She had been widowed since December of 1909. She was married for 55 years. Augusta had 3 children, 2 of whom were still living.

1920 Federal Census
2117 West 21st Place
Chicago, Illinois

Christ Bethke (age 63), wife Augusta (age 61), son George (age 19), Grand-daughter Anna is listed as their daughter, age 5.
Mother-in-law, Gustinia Weinsheimer was 91 years old.

(NOTE: Christ and Augusta Bethke were the guardians of daughter Anna's youngest child, Anna Kaupert . Anna had died on August 22, 1915 leaving her husband August Rudolph Kaupert to raise their children Arthur and r Anna. As part of her final wishes, Anna asked that her parents be the ones to raise baby Anna, who was then only 16 months old.)

1930 Federal Census
1831 West Canalport
Chicago, Illinois

Augusta Bethke, age 71 was the head of the household. Son George, age 29 was employed at a Shade company. Grandchild, Anna Kaupert, age 15 was employed as a Sales girl in her aunt's (Albina Benda) bakery.

Charles Bethke

In 1906, at the age of 22, Charles Bethke married Martha J. KAUPERT.

Together they had three children, Charles Bethke was born July of 1906, he died January 9, 1908. Martha A. was born in 1908. Robert Bethke was born in late 1910, he died February 25, 1917.

1910 Census
Charles Bethke Family
3030 S. 41st Ct. (Kedvale)
Chicago, IL

Charles Bethke, age 26 was employed as a Motorman on the street cars. His wife, Martha, age 23 was staying at home with their daughter Martha A. who was born in 1908. They were renting the basement apartment from Martha's parents, August and Emilia Kaupert.

On August 10, 1913 Charles Bethke died, left behind wer wife Martha, 5 year old Martha and 3 year old Robert. He is buried next to his son Charlie in Waldheim (now Forest Home) Cemetery in River Forest, IL.

By 1920, Martha (Kaupert) Bethke had remarried to Henry FLOHR. They were living at 6215 S. Mason in Chicago, IL. Martha A. was then age 12 and attending school.

In 1925, Henry Flohr Jr. is born to Martha and Henry Flohr.

Anna Martha Bethke

Early in 1911, Anna Martha Bethke married August Rudolph Kaupert. August was the younger brother of Martha. Arthur Charles Henry was born on June 16, 1912. Younger sister, Anna Augusta Martha was born April 5, 1914.

Sadly on August 22, 1915, Anna Martha died at the age of 25. She was buried in Concordia Cemetery in River Forest, IL. There is no marker at her gravesite.

Immediately following the graveside services, August left the cemetery with his three year old son Arthur. His wife had requested that Anna would be raised by her parents, Christ & Augusta BETHKE. Anna was only 16 months old.

Christ and Augusta Bethke were quick to take their grand-daughter into their home and raise her. She grew up with her grandparents as well as her great-grandmother, Gustinia Weinsheimer.

As a child, Anna spent much of her time with cousin Liberty Bethke, daughter of Henry and Albina (Benda) Bethke.

Henry George Bethke

Henry married Albina Benda, daughter of Joseph and Anna Benda sometime in 1918. Liberty Bethke was born in 1918. Little brother Henry George was born in 1924.

In 1920, Henry and Albina Bethke lived at 2134 West 19th Street in Chicago, IL

Gustinia Weinsheimer died on September 21, 1924. Christ filled out the death certificate on her behalf. Little did he know that one week later on September 27, 1924, his wife would be filling out his death certificate.

Gustinia was laid to rest alongside her husband Christoph Weinsheimer in Concordia Cemetery.
Christ F. Bethke died on September 27, 1924. He was buried in Waldheim (Forest Home) Cemetery. Transcription of his

Augusta lived until 1944.

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