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What is ABS-CBN?

ABS-CBN is the total information and entertainment company; leading player and center of creativity in Asia, and a major player in the global market. ABS-CBN exists in the service of human kind and particularly of Filipinos worldwide.

The newly-renovated ABS-CBN Broadcast Complex is the largest and most technologically advanced braodcast facility in the country. Originally completed in 1968, the complex was, even then, the leading broadcats center in Asia. With ABS-CBN's take-over by the Marcos government during martial law in 1972, the facilities slowly became outdated. The 1986 revolution gave the network back to its original owners and thus began the long process of its rehabilitation. Today, it has become a truly state-of-the-art entertainment complex with nine production studios and the most modern technical facilities in the Philippines. ABS-CBN compound, Mother Ignacia, Quezon
ABS-CBN compound, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.


To fulfill our pivotal role in shaping the Filipino people's consciousness through information and entertainment programs that adhere to wolrd class standards.
To provide positive and wholesome programming that promotes the best Filipino talent and reflects the true Filipino sentiment and spirit.
To sustain and strengthen our dominance in broadcasting and be a leading player in film production and distribution.
To diversify and expand into new business ventures which include animation, post-production, theater operations, theme parks, international movie joint ventures, audio production, licensing and merchandising, and other information and entertainment-related enterprises.


ABS-CBN is the total information and entertainment company; a leading player and center of creativity in Asia, and a major player in the global market.

ABS-CBN exists in the service of humankind, and particularly of Filipinos worldwide.

I. Historical Background

In the increasingly competitive television industry, ABS-CBN continues to set the pace in the tradition that it has carved for itself as a trailblazer of the industry.

In the 40th anniversary celebration of ABS-CBN, no less than the President Fidel V. Ramos declared that, "the history of ABS-CBN is the history of Philippine Television.

In 1953, when ABS-CBN introduced commercial television to the Philippines, the Network has always been associated with the very first and the very best in local broadcasting.

In 1961, the Network set up the first provincial station, and the first to introduce color television in 1967. It also pioneered in undertaking a live satellite coverage of an international event in 1969.

Before the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, ABS-CBN had the most modern broadcast facilities in East Asia. Broadcast practitioners in the region came to Manila to train in ABS-CBN.

In the sixties, Mr. Eugenio Lopez Jr., ABS-CBN President, had a dream: to bring news, entertainment and public service to the very doorsteps of the rural areas though the magic of satellite TV.

II. ABS-CBN closed down by Marcos Government

That dream turned into a nightmare on September, 1972 when martial law was declared. All media outlets critical of the regime were shut down. The facilities of ABS-CBN were taken over by Mr. Roberto S. Benedicto, a close associate of Mr. Marcos. Despite assurances to the contrary, Mr. Benedicto failed to pay the owners of ABS-CBN a single centavo for the use of the most modern facilities in East Asia at that time.

III. ABS-CBN reopens after 14 years

In February, 1986, a civilian-backed military revolt ended the twenty year reign of the dictatorship that led to the restoration of the democratic institutions in the country.

In September of the same year, ABS-CBN resumed operations after a forced leave of fourteen years.

IV. Re-launch of Channel 2 as Star Network

In February, 1987, the station is re-launched as the Star Network and adopts a predominantly mass-based programming that revolutionizes the whole concept of local programming in the country. This innovation -- which overturned the accepted norms of foreign programming of the highly-successful stations -- offered Philippine viewers essentially 85% locally-produced shows.

V. Provincial Operations

In June 1988, ABS-CBN resumed its provincial operations with the launching of DYCB-TV channel 3 in Cebu.

At present, ABS-CBN Radio Television Regional Network boasts of a total of 44 TV and radio stations, affiliates, and relay stations scattered all over the country.

VI. Bridges on the Air

The dream of Mr. Lopez of linking the entire archipelago via satellite was finally realized with "Bridges of the Air, Link to the Future," in December, 1988.

VII. News and Public Affairs

ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs has also maintained its dominance over competition with its high-rating news and public affairs programs as well as its live and breaking news coverages of events that affect the national life.

TV Patrol, the station's highest rating newscast, was launced in North America through KTSF Channel 26 in San Francisco in September 1992.

VIII. Diversification

This paved the way for the activation of the Network's international distribution which now covers countries that have a heavy concentration of Filipino communities like the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and eventually the Middle East.

This year, through PAN-Amsat, the world's most powerful satellite, ABS-CBN will be seen in 2/3 of the world.

ABS-CBN International expanded its operations globally when The Filipino Channel (TFC), the first Filipino premium cable channel in the U.S., was launched on April 1994.

Another venture entered into by ABS-CBN is the Direct To Home market. TFCDirect delivers all Filipino programming directly to subscribers' homes in the States by means of a three foot satellite dish. ABS-CBN International has also started its foray into the telecoms business by offering value-added telecommunications services from the US to the Philippines.

ABS-CBN has also diversified its operations to enable the Network to maintain its competitive edge. International distribution, video and audio post production, movies, licensing and merchandising, recording, theatrical acquisitions and a UHF channel are the ventures that hopefully will augment and enhance the Network's present streams of revenue which are essentially or substancially derived from television.

Our provincial expansion program is also on target with approximately 400 million being earmarked for the purpose.

IX. Awards

In the local arena, ABS-CBN continues to reap major awards from the most prestigious award-giving bodies. International awards have also been given to our station ID, among others. The Far Eastern Economic Review has again named ABS-CBN as one of Asia's 200 leading companies. And for the fourth straight year running, Asia Business Magazine has adjudged ABS-CBN as Asia's Most Admired Media Company.

Last June 13, 1996, as the company celebrated its 50th year of incorporation, ABS-CBN became the first local braodcasting network to be honored with a commemorative postage stamp issue by the Philippine government.

X. Number One in Ratings

In the realm of programming, we have remained essentially mass-based. Year-end figures for 1995 show that whole-day audience share has remained at 50% compared to our closest competitor with 24%

In the provinces, ABS-CBN dominates audience share at all hours with an average of 70%.

XI. Prospects for the Future

In the Network's 1995 Annual Report, Chairman Eugenio Lopez Jr. and President Eugenio Lopez III outlined the Network's plans for this year:

"In 1996, our attention will be focused on three major areas of growth: the setting-up of a UHF station, the continuing expansion of our international and regional operations, and our foray into theatrical acquisitions.

The prospects for the future of the company is indeed exciting. Having reached the peak in terms of advertising shares, we are now focusing our strengths and resources on other ventures. We shall continue to seek new opportunities both in the local and international markets as we prove our worth not only as a broadcasting network but as a full-scale entertainment conglomerate.

The vision to serve will always be our network's foremost corporate objective. The desire to improve our programs and products are all geared fulfilling this goal -- To Serve the Filipino. Worldwide."

Core Values


* Credibility
* Fairness
* Word of Honor

Uncompromising corporate and personal integrity

* Enterpreneurship
* World-Class Standards
* Professionalism

Excellence in everything we do by consistently maintaining the highest standards in management, production, technical development

* Innovative
* Proactive
* Empowered
* Decisive

World-class leadership through constant innovation and responsiveness to change

* Employee and talent development
* Fair Compensation

ABS-CBN compound floor plan
ABS-CBN compound floor plan

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