The Blue Castle (v.4 Deep Sea Blue)

Catalina Erantzo, from "Uncharted Waters: New Horizons"

Welcome to the Blue Castle! I am Aviatrix, also known as Avi, aviatrix8, Alexandrite (Er, too long to explain... ^_^;). I've also been accused of being a person named Cherryne. ^_~

Anyhoo, I've accumulated various webpages over the past few years, so I decided to make a main page where all my other webpages can be accessed. Hence, the Blue Castle. ^_^

If you're looking for the Hangar, the new URL is:

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Pick a page, any page... ;-)

Figure Skating - Disney Afternoon - Anime/Manga - Video Games - Writings - Miscellaneous

Figure Skating

The Skater Chibis Webpage

Featuring my cartoons of current figure skaters done in the Japanese "super-deformed" (also known as "chibi") style.
This was my very first webpage; although
it hasn't been updated in a while...

The Urman-chan Gallery

An off-shoot of the Skater Chibis Webpage, this features super-deformed cartoons of my favourite figure skater, Alexei Urmanov.

Golden Magic: Alexei Urmanov

A webpage dedicated to my favourite ice skater from Russia, Alexei Urmanov. Containing biographical info, competitive history, as well as images, artwork, poetry and some of my own fan stuff, including a humour page. :-)

Anime/Manga on Ice

A small webpage about two of my favourite things: ice skating and Japanese cartoons. :-) Featuring various anime/manga that have had skating themes, such as Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, and the lesser-known Cherry Project.

Disney Afternoon

The Hangar

My webpage inspired by the now-defunct grouping of TV shows known as the Disney Afternoon. Tons of my artwork, as well as various written works.

The Phoenix's Nest

A small page I did for my partner-in-crime, Geary Graham. :-) Features a few of his very funny written works, also about the Disney Afternoon.

"It is me and my glorious self,
Don Karnage!"

Dedicated to my favourite character from TaleSpin, Don Karnage, this webpage contains artwork, images and quotes.

Wild Blue Yonder: TaleSpin

A webpage dedicated to one of my favourite shows, it contains a few written things, fanart and a links page to other TaleSpin sites.


Avi's Anime Archive

A webpage of my artwork and fan fiction inspired by various anime and manga, such as Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon and Pokemon. Also has links to my other anime-related pages.

The Black Crystal

This webpage features tons of images I've made from different anime/manga-related video games, such as Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.

Sailor Moon

Sapphire's Shrine

A shrine dedicated to my favourite villain from Sailor Moon R, Sapphire. Features
lots of info about Sapphire, and a set of
Java KiSS dolls of him and his brother, Prince Diamond.

Of Moonlight & Roses...

Formerly a small, romantic Sailor Moon gallery, it's now grown into a larger, general Sailor Moon gallery, featuring images I've scanned from both the anime and manga.

Ranma 1/2

The Golden Pair Page

A webpage dedicated to Ranma 1/2's skating duo: The Golden Pair, Azusa Shiratori and Mikado Sanzenin. Lots of images of both characters, and some fun written stuff (including a fanfic written by myself! ^_^)

"You Will Address Me as Upperclassman."

A small webpage dedicated to Ranma 1/2's Tatewaki Kuno, aka the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High. It contains several quotes, as well as some images.


Salon Rocket

Play dress-up with the villains from Pokemon, Team Rocket! With tons of outfits to choose from, this webpage needs Java to work (you can also download the actual Team Rocket KiSS sets from here).

Sentimental Value

A shrine to Team Rocket, written from James's point of view. ^_^ It contains mostly information, such as backgrounds on Team Rocket members and costumes, but also a few images, as well.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Ebon Knight: Kail Lantis

My brand-new shrine dedicated to Cephiro's only Magic Swordsman, Kail Lantis. Features information, such as a detailed description and comparison to
other characters, as well as a small image gallery.


Dragon Half

Those who know anime might recognize this series... Those who don't, should find out very quickly. ;-) Dragon Half is a hilarious fantasy-related anime. This page contains lots of images from the series, and a bit of information as well.

Video Games

Inuyasha Sprites

An adoption agency I made up for sprites
I captured from an Inuyasha video game... This site also features Inuyasha graphics for you and your website, such as avatars and backgrounds.

Fire Emblem: Caelin Knights

My small webpage dedicated to Fire Emblem, a RPG/strategy video game for the GBA. It contains my writings and drawings inspired by the game, as well as images from the Fire Emblem video game itself.


Writer's Block

Here, you can find most of the completed stories I've written over the years; some of which are inspired by anime/manga, such as Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon.

Avi's Journal

This is the journal that I've started for
my writing... You can find the stories I'm currently working on, here (or just listen to me ramble ^_^;).


Hugs & Kisses: Avi's KiSS Dolls

My latest little obssession... ^_~ KiSS
dolls are "paper dolls for your computer"... And I've made a couple of my own! ^_^ The dolls found on this page include Sailor Moon and Team Rocket from Pokemon.

Sailor Moon cards

I've got a ton of Sailor Moon cards, both CCG and prismatic, up for trade. If you're interested, go check it out!

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