The following is a list of anchors, reporters and contributors who previously worked on WABC-TV's news team. They are listed alphabetically. Click on their name to find out where they are now. This page is updated as I find or receive more information. If you would like to contribute email me at the address below.

Betsy Aaron
Cindy Adams
Ernie Anastos(1979-89)
Tex Antione(1967-74)
Jerry Azar(1978-85)
Eddie Arruza(1990-97)
Bill Aylward
Peter Bannon
Rona Barrett
Maxine Black(1980-84)
Ana Bond
Bill Bonds
Jim Bouton(1970-72)
Ellen Burstein(1975-78)
Ann Butler(1982-85)
Spencer Christian(1977-86)
Bertha Coombs(1990-97)
Victoria Corderi(1992-94)
Howard Cosell(1961-74)
*Penny Crone
Pat Dawson(1987-95)
Jay DeDapper(1992-98)
Bob Dunn(1968-71)
Tom Dunn
Tracy Egan(1980-86)
Tom Ellis
Gary Essex
Storm Field(1976-80)
Susie Garhib
Carlos Granda(1990-93)
Roger Grimsby(1968-86)
Bill Gutsch
Steve Hartman(1991-94)
Magee Hickey
Chauncey Howell(1986-91)
Josh Howell(1979-87)
Greg Hurst(1989-98)
Carol Jenkins(1972-74)
Doug Johnson(1969-2000)
John Johnson(1972-95)
Veronica Johnson(1992-97)
Larry Kane(1977-78)
Evelyn Kantor
Katie Kelly(1980-87)
*Bruce King
Vince Laparrai(1980-87)
Bob Lape
Milton Lewis(1967-85)
Nancy Loo(1994-2001)
Dan Lovett
Dorothy Lucey(1983-87)
Felipe Luciano(1980-83)
Joan Lunden(1975-81)
Sal Marchiano(1970-78)
John Marler(1985-90)
Harry Martin(1989-97)
Murphy Martin
Bill Matheson
Corey McPherin
Larry Mendte(1984-92)
Doris McMillian(1980-84)
Corey McPherin
Bob Miller
Ed Miller(1980-86)
Tim Minton(1987-98)
Melinda Nix(1977-82)
David Novarro(1981-2000)
Gil Noble
Jim Paymar
Lisa Quintana(2001)
Geraldo Rivera(1970-77)
Gloria Rojas
Susan Roesgen(1991-92)
Kevin Sanders
Roseanne Scamardella(1974-83)
John Schubeck
Jay Scott
Marvin Scott
Roseanna Scotto(-86)
Roger Sharp(1968-85)
*Joel Siegel
John Slattery
Tom Snyder(1982-84)
Lara Spencer(1995-2001)
Will Spens(1982-86)
Marc Stevens(1989-2000)
Edie Tarbox(1992-93)
Lee Thomas(1994-97)
Spencer Tillman(1997-99)
Melba Tolliver(1967-77)
Kaity Tong(1981-91)
John Bartholomew Tucker
Valerie Voss
Jane Wallace(1980-81)
Rolanda Watts(1985-93)
Mara Wilensky
Chee Chee Williams(1977-85)
Joe Witte(1980-81)
Warner Wolf(1976-80)
Louis Young(1980-90)
Eli Zaret

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