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An informative site about the Baltimore Ravens 1st NFL season

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Unfortunately I am no longer to keep this site updated on a regular basis- Use this page as a reference guide to the where the Ravens come from :) This is where it all started baby- Gotta love them black/purple unis... This has basically become a Ravens archive of the first 2 seasons- enjoy! All the way in 2003.


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Michael Jackson and Derrick Alexander on his way to one of many TD catches.

The Raven Files
News Articles 1997 Draft
and Rookie Free Agents
Game Recaps
*only during season
Raven Personnel
1997 Schedule
(including all AFC Central Teams)
1996 Season Highlights 1996 Schedule and Scores Logos and Backgrounds
Player Pages
1997 Starters Unofficial Roster Links
State of the Union Stadium & Training Camp

  • Recently added the Player Pages. I've added profiles for a couple of the players; More to come soon.

    Raven Fans Forum

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    I just added the Raven Fans Forum. This Forum does accept HTML codes (but don't go crazy.) Please let me know what you think. Anything else that you'd like to see on this page? Comments on the upcoming season or the Draft?- Leave me a note. Cleveland Fans Please don't bother- We really don't care what you think. This is not an Anti-Modell Forum; So unless you have justified criticsm, go somewhere else to whine.

    Stadium and Training Camp Info

    Stadium: Memorial Stadium
    Capacity: 65,000
    Playing Surface: SportGrass
    1000 East 33rd Street; Baltimore, Maryland 21218
    Raven Hotline: (410) 261-RAVE

    Training Camp: Western Maryland College
    2 College Hill; Westminster, Maryland 21157

    The Ravens will move to the new stadium at Camden Yards starting in the pre-season of 1998

    Ravens State of the Union:

    These are definitely not the same old Ravens! The Ravens are off to one of the best starts in the NFL this year, and are making much of the media eat crow. Except for a weak secondary and inexperienced linebackers, this team has all the tools for making a serious drive for the playoffs.

    I wouldn't have gone out and predicted it before the season started; But now I'm thinking we can definitely make a run at the AFC Chmapionship. The only things holding our black birds down were the intangibles. Going into the season you had to wonder if this team had it within themselves to hold on to those 4th quarter leads, and keep from self-destructing. Would Vinny have enough poise to keep us in the game and lead our offense on a few 4th quarter comeback? Could the defense come up with a few 3rd down stuffs when needed?

    We've always known that this team had the talent. The question was, Did they have the mental toughness needed, and the will to win games. Last year's team had too many distracted players and people looking out for themselves. Now that we have rid our squad of these Cleveland left-overs this group is playing together, and with one goal in mind- Winning.

    Ravens Home Opponents
    Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals Jacksonville Jaguars Houst/Nash Oilers/Opreys
    Arizona Cardinals Philadelphia Eagles Miami Dolphins Seattle Seahawks

    Ravens Road Opponents
    Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals Jacksonville Jaguars Houst/Nash Oilers/Opreys
    New York Giants New York Jets San Diego Chargers Washington Redskins

    Click Here for complete 1997 Schedule and dates

    If you want to talk Ravens Football with other Raven Fanatics, head for the liveliest BB on the internet (Click logo below.) Usually at least 10 to 15 posts per day- even during the offseason. Keep it up Ravens Fans.

    raven To hear Baltimore's only "Sports Talk Superstar" tune in to the Budweiser Sports Forum every weekday night from 4:00 to 8:00 with "Nasty" Nestor Aparicio on WWLG Legends Radio 1360 AM. Nestor is a hard hitting sports talk/analyst who tells it like it is. If the O's or Ravens suck, he'll tell you about it, without without worrying about getting his hand slapped. By far the best all around sports show in Baltimore- Especially for Ravens news and info. Follow this link to get to Nasty Nestor's Website.

    "The Ravens Nest" was established on March 15, 1997 (Formally GrumnGoose's NFL/Ravens Page.) All Baltimore Ravens logos are the sole property of the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens. All opinions expressed on this website are my own and should not reflect on the Baltimore Ravens Organization in any way. "GrumnGoose's NFL/Ravens Page" is a subsidiary of GrumnGoose's Cyber Island on the Chesapeake.

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