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To the Hero's Guild Hall. I am Toshtari, the guildmaster here. I hope that you will find everything you need, from walk-throughs to cheats to links to more. So sit back, relax and take your shoes and socks off. Every hero needs a break from it all!

Quest for Glory is an AWESOME game created by Lori and Corey Cole. It involves a hero who just graduated from the FACS (Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School) and starts off on his/her journey to become a hero/heroine. Quest for Glory 1 involved you going to lovely Spielburg, where you rescue a prince and princess, stop the brigands from conquering the country, break a curse put on the land and defeat the evil ogress Baba Yaga. Quest for Glory 2 involved the katta city of Shapier. In this you save the town from all four elements, go to Rasier, the twin city of Shapier that has been taken over by evil, overthrow the evil reign of Ad Avis and Khaveen there and stop an evil genie from ruling the world. In Quest for Glory 3, located in the areas around Tarna, you try to bring peace between two people ready to war, only to find out that demons are behind it. You must stop them to save the land! In Quest for Glory 4, you are teleported to Mordavia. In it you meet a strange woman named Katrina who seems to help you out, but is really using you for her own evil purposes. You must restore freedom to the land and defeat the vampires in order to stop them from summoning a dark one, a creature of great evil. So you thought being a hero was easy?

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