Dunress Pass

When I made the climb over the mountains, I was astounded.  The beuty before
me was breathtaking.  And there I saw the "falcon" soaring overhead.  I made
my way down just before sundown, and made camp in a forest clearing.  When I
awoke, it seemed as though my surroundings had changed.  After gathering my
things, I moved about, and what would my eyes gaze upon, but the most minute
of beings.  I knew instantly....I had found the lands of the Fairies.

There, I met there King, a jovial being, only slightly taller than the rest.
By his side, I was amazed to find, a young human child.  I spent several hours
in the company of the Faerie king, trading my stories with his.  One that 
still remains fresh in my mind is that of the Swan Cloak.  I had heard of it,
but thought it to be only mythology.  Appairently I was wrong or was having 
my leg pulled.

                    x--x        x--x
                    |X |      /      \ 
To Thelbane Forest--x--xd-x--x--x     x--x--x
                    |X |      \   \   |       \
                    x--x        x--x--x--x--x--x
                                     \     /     \
                                      x   F    x--x--bridge--x
                                        \    /                \ 
                                         x--x                  x--To Iapage

                       /    |    \                  F-Forest Clearing
                      x     F     x                 r-River Bank
                        \ /   \ /                   M-Man on the Mt. Top
                         x     x                    S-Shop (sort of) ;)
                           \ /
                            x           x
                            |         /
                            x     x--x--x--x--x
                            |    /       \
                    Island--x--S           x         
                               |           |
                               x           x
                             / |  |
                            |  | /
                    Lake    x--x
                      |        |
                      x        x                x
                      r\     / | \            /   \
                         x--x--x--x          x     x 
                         r  r  r  r \         \    |
                                     x--x--x    M  x 
                                     r  r    \    /

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