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Well, its official.. The nasty, old, icky section of my Lair has been sealed up with concrete... So, click here to enter! :)

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18 Feb 01 - Well, for some time now, I've had my new site (see also my "personal" site) up and running. While there's really not a whole lot to show off, other than assorted services advertised on the main page, and a bit of the stuff I've been goofing off with on my personal page(s), it is there nonetheless.
That said, I'm going to begin dismantling this place sometime later, as I'm transferring all the stuff worth saving (such as my friends' pictures and the relevant pages) over to my own server. That's... all I have to say about that. :)
06 Nov 00 - Quite a lapse there, isn't it? For all practical purposes, the work on my script has come to a halt. It was fun, and I hope people enjoyed using it. :) As for the "content" here, it *should* be moving to my own, personal machine, just as soon as I get my intranet finished and the server set up completely. All art projects and such have never quite come to fruition, and as such, won't be here, at least not until the aforementioned server comes up. (In other words, this looks a lot like the last 'update'! ;) I still do read my email, so if you need to contact me, you know where to find me. Until then... this is Brainiac, out.
20 May 00 - Well, looky here! An update. (It's only been what, nearly eight months since the last one?) Development on ShieldScript has officially stopped as of this point, due to decreased free time and other interests. The actual location of this site MAY be moving in the near future (yay) for experiments related to linux, intranetworking, and other fun things. The URLs (brainiac.n3.net and www.cyberjunkie.com/brainiac) should still remain the same, however. In addition, I may finally set up my very own TLD, to be announced at a future time, to allow me enough time to figure out how to hide behind my ineffective yet comforting veil of supposed anonymity. Surf Safe!
20 May 00 - It has come to my attention that IE5 seems to lack the capabilities to stop playing the tune-of-the-moment. Due to my dislike of that particular browser and many quirks thereof, I have, for the moment, chosen to use Mozilla/Netscape to design (Heh, "design". Funny!) and test this site with. Yes, both browsers have quirks, but I prefer the one that loads quicker, takes less space, and uses the least amount of proprietary crap. ;) So, can't stand tasteful MIDI? Turn off the speakers. :)

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