Welcome to the 2005 edition of Morgan's Home Page.
((In DOLBY Surround Where available))

When I first wrote my homepage almost 10 years ago I never thought I would still be writing in it. Some of my friends have faded and some new have come. I never quite let the website change with the times. Now in the Year 2005 I've decided to revitalize this site with new pictures, better effects, new themes. I never knew where the older site was going, I allowed the editorials or writings reflect my feelings. That won't change but I will also be adding some myspace.com stuff in as well.
Look for this now re-animated, living site one more.

Yours in Friendship,

Some of the Older Pages are listed below

These are not updated but will be slowly

A memorial for those I knew lost on 9/11

My Calvin and Hobbes Page
The Noodle Incident

Pictures From Halloween 2001
These pictures were never before seen publicly

Pictures from my work with Polizzi Films
Behind the Scenes
Also never before made public

My old Friends and Family photo page

Trip to Las Vegas back in 2001
Viva Las Vegas