Turn 1C -- Tauster

9th day of Alturiak. Evening. Thurmaster.


Dain, Kersath and Talimar rise early the morning after staying with Kuiper, each having a restful evening and ready to continue their journey. During the evening, Dain related the travels and encounters of the company to Kuiper as Kersath and Talimar added necessary bits to complete the tale. Kuiper becomes quite sad upon hearing of the death of Randor, his mood changing only after hearing of the encounter with the Svirfneblin. He seems quite interested in the deep gnomes and has Kersath tell all he knows of them. Dain and Talimar listen intently as Kersath tells what he knows of the race that took him in and raised him.

After Kuiper and Dain retire for the evening, Kersath and Talimar spend the majority of the evening searching around the farm of Kuiper, just happy to be in the forests again and away from the heavy snoring of Dain. Kuiper assures them before leaving that he will continue to be on the lookout for anything that could help them as well as talking with Garyld and Oleanne.


The companions set a steady pace during the day as they travel to Thurmaster, Talimar wishing to reach the settlement before nightfall. A quick lunch taken on the side of the road is the only extended stop of the trio. Just before dusk, the companions reach the gates of Thurmaster, Talimar nodding to the two guards posted at the gate as they prepare to shut the gate for the evening. A quick ride up the muddy streets of Thurmaster and they are before the tower of Tauster. Dain is almost jovial as he dismounts in front of the tower, always anxious to be back in the company of the wizard and the chance at learning a new spell or two.

Minutes later, the three are ushered into the abode of the wizard as he gleefully greets them.

"I have your item!" he says excitedly as the three companions look at each other in confusion.

Tauster disappears into a back room and there are muffled sounds of him searching around for something. A few minutes later he returns with two rings held out to the companions. The rings are identical and each of the companions quickly recognizes them as the rings from the goblin tribes.

"You wanted a copy made," says Tauster as he sees the looks of surprise on the faces of the companions.

"That's right," mumbles Talimar as he remembers the promise to the goblin shaman.

Kersath eyes Talimar with a weary look of defeat on his face, "I suppose we should return that fake to him?"

"That was the promise," replies Talimar weakly.

"We'll have to set out in the morning," says Kersath to the others. "Dain, will you be going with us?"

Dain looks to Tauster first, who nods at him before replying, "No, I'll stay here with Tauster if that's ok and study some more. I'll meet you both back in Milbourne."

Talimar frowns at leaving the mage alone to travle back to Milbourne, but knowing the logistics of traveling across the valley to the lair of the goblins and then back, they would have to delay their departure date for the mines. "So be it. We leave in the morning and then meet you back in Milbourne."

Dain nods his approval to Talimar and then the three set about to relate their tale to Tauster who seems quite interested in the body of the mage the company found in the pool belowground.

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