Turn 2A -- Shadowdale

10th day of Alturiak. Mid-Morning. Shadowdale.


Having thoroughly enjoyed himself the night before, Druckner takes the opportunity afforded him by the luxury of Mother Tara's Festhall to sleep in. Much to his disappointment, his companion from the previous night had already taken her leave by the time he woke. Oh well, he didn't really expect her to wait around on him. Besides, there was always tonight he thought as he slowly rose from the bed. Moving to the elegant nightstand in the room, he splashed water from the basin on his face to further awaken him and clean up a bit. Wiping his face and hands on the towel by the basin, he quickly dressed, strapping his belt and weapons around his large belly. Taking up his pack, he made his way out of the room and down the stairs.

As Druckner made his way down the stairs, Mother Tara sat at a table drinking tea. With a smile, Druckner tossed her a gold coin, "Wonderful evening. Fabulous hall you have here, madame."

Mother Tara smiled and inclined her head slightly as she caught the coin from Druckner, quickly tucking it into a pocket of her robe. Not knowing whether Gnore still slept or not, Druckner decided it best to play it safe and not disturb his companion. Walking out of Mother Tara's Festhall, Druckner stepped into the muddy side streets of Shadowdale, the rain having stopped an hour or so prior to his wakening. Several people walked the streets this morning as they moved about their daily business. Druckner nodded to a few as he passed after getting directions to the local smith.

Turning west at the main road through town, Druckner walked perhaps another hundred yards or so before stopping in front of the shop of Bronn Selgard, town smith of Shadowdale. Walking through the doors of the smithy, the heat from the back room was almost unbearable. Arranging the front room of the shop for browsers, Bronn has taken great care to try and shield his patrons from the heat of the furnace but still it makes the front room quite warm. Standing in the center of the room as a large man that Druckner assumes is Bronn holds a long strip of cloth up to him is Gnore. Wearing a broad grin on his face, Gnore nods to Druckner.

"Wall, 'bout time ye woke up. I thought ye were goin' ta sleep the day away!"

Bronn wraps the thin strip of cloth around Gnore's waist, marking the spot and making a notation on a piece of paper. He then continues to take other vital measurements of Gnore.

"Some o' us were more active n'others last eve," replies Druckner with a hearty laugh.

"More active?! I heard ye snorin' almost as soon as the door was closed!"

Both dwarves laugh heartily as they remember their individual events of the past eve. Bronn frowns at Gnore as he moves around and has to retake a measurement from the laughing dwarf. After taking the measurements from Gnore, Bronn repeats the process with Druckner before moving on to supply the dwarves with the other items they request. Gnore picks out a fine crossbow and a couple dozen bolts and quiver. Druckner purchases the other weapons he needs as well as the additional hardware requested by Ortho and Ras.

"I know you want a rush on this armor," begins Bronn after helping them, "but it'll cost a little more for that. I can have it in two days though," he replies confidently.

"That'll be fine," replies Gnore. "We'll see ye the mornin' two days from now."

Bronn nods his head before walking to the back of the shop to begin the work for the dwarves. Having no other needs in the shop, the two dwarves leave and step out into the street again. As they start up the street to finish their preparations, Gnore spots Kedaywyn walking toward them across the street. Meeting the eyes of the Sembian, Gnore looks up at the sky before meeting his glance again and nodding his head with a smile in respect of the youth's abilities. Kedaywyn returns the nod and smile before turning down a side street and out of sight of the dwarves.


Evening. Old Skull Inn.

Having spent the day procuring the equipment necessary for the company's journey into the underdark, Druckner and Gnore plop into their chairs relieved to be through with the shopping. Within moments, both have finished their second mug of ale and their strength returns as their spirits lift. As the two settle in to enjoy their third mug of ale, a dark-haired young woman of perhaps five feet in height makes her way over to their table. Dressed in buckskin trousers, shirt, a fur half-cape and leather boots, her dark blue eyes look the two companions over as she reaches out to a chair. On one side is a sheath knife and a small dagger, on the other she wears a long sword. Walking up behind her is a thin gnoll! Seeing that no one in the inn pays any attention to the presence of the gnoll, Gnore and Druckner decide to ignore him.

"Greetings, gentlemen, my name is Martine," she begins in a strange voice. "This is Krote," she says as she motions to the gnoll. Krote has a sunken muzzle and bony eye sockets over skin that is mustard brown. Tattered ears jut through gaps in a dirty scarf wrapped around his head. "May we join you?"

Not waiting for a response, Martine and Krote take a seat at the table with Gnore and Druckner.

"Help yeself, lass," replies Druckner as he watches Martine seat herself at the table. As the two dwarves look closely at their new acquaintance, they notice for the first time a silver pin on her shirt. The symbol of the pin is strangely familiar to both of them but it takes a few minutes for them to place the harp lying between the tips of a half moon. A Harper! thinks Gnore to himself as he finally recognizes the pin.

"You are Druckner Brombreath and Gnore Withercourage, of the Red Feather Company, is that correct?" asks Martine.

"The very same," answers Druckner proudly. A shiver runs up Gnore's spine once again as Druckner loudly proclaims their identity.

"Myself and some influential friends I have are interested in the work you are doing in this area," continues Martine. "I was wondering if we could discuss that?"

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