Turn 31 -- Ambushing the Ogres

Gnore smiles as he draws his bastard sword and hefts the blade, chest high in one hand before bringing the other up to grasp the handle. "Least their not giants," he remarks as he awaits his battle line orders.

Druckner smiles wickedly and draws his axe. He warms up with a few practice swings.

"Five 'ol minits, hey? Fahn work Ras. Tat's a long time, let's set up an' ambush. We're inna purfec' place rayt here. We shood hide and 'tack 'em wen they pass us by. Get 'em good inna back, they won't 'av a chance, an' an ogre shoodn. Wot say ya?" The red-haired dwarf then sets himself up in the shadows, waiting for the ogres to go by.

As the others discuss the oncoming Ogres, Beleg gives Rasmussen a tight smile. He then adjusts his straps on his pack and loosens his sword in its sheath. Taking position near Talimar he waits quietly for the elf to issue a plan of battle.

Gnore moves into the shadows opposite Druckner. "If the beasties have seen Ras here, maybe he should stand as bait a ways back of our ambush. If the dullards see a tempting morsel as our halfling here, they'll not pay much attention to the shadows around them." Gnore suggests as he tries his best to disappear in any darkness he can find.

"I don't know," Beleg says quietly in response to the dwarves. "Perhaps it would be better if we discovered the creature's intentions before setting steel to them? What if we try the same ploy we used on the goblins? One or two of us could remain out in the open while the others hide nearby. If the creature's intentions seem hostile, then we could spring the trap." The young Paladin looks to Talimar for a decision, "I know that we have little time to debate, so what say you Talimar?"

"Ogres are hostile. Period," interjects Kersath before Talimar can respond. "They would not 'debate' with you logically, they'd rather munch on your thigh bones and ask questions later, if at all. And leaving a few of us in the open, exposed to those big hairy beasts is no plan either. I side with the dwarves on this one," says Kersath as he sinks into the shadows and seems to meld into one of the cavern's walls.

Talimar nods in agreement with Kersath, "Beleg, we cannot offer these creatures the tiniest advantage, despite the dwarves confidence. Everyone, move to the walls, let them pass then fall on them from behind. I shall cast a web spell to slow them and make sure they do not escape." His sword still in its sheath, Talimar joins the dwarves hiding in the nooks in the walls and prepares to cast his spell.

"I got a plan fer ye's!" exclaims Snagger, hefting his axe. "Let's hack off ther knees an give 'em an extra close shave!"

Beleg nods at Talimar's statement, despite the words of Talimar and Kersath though, he wonders if the party is acting properly. The young Paladin then places his helm firmly on his head and finds a place to conceal himself. Placing his enchanted lightstone into its pouch, he gropes through the darkness wondering if he will remember Gnore's training or if he'll break his blade swinging wildly in the dark. Pushing such thoughts aside, he finds a spot in which to hide and quietly draws his sword. Standing with his back against the stone, he quickly sends to Forseti a silent prayer for the safety of his companions then waits for the advance of the Ogres.

"An' why should we fight 'em at all," asks Ortho as he breaks the silence. Pausing, the dwarf reflects briefly, "Did I really say that? Wow. Wal, we could just let 'em go by. We know not what they're up to or where they're going. They seem pretty close to the gnomes to be here by chance. Why not let 'em go by an' then we can follow 'em? They might 'ave some friends ta join the party. Ah just hate goin' to a dance an' not havin' somebody ta dance with." Ortho, wearing a broad grin, looks about the group for support of letting the ogres go by and following them. The trek below ground has obviously improved Ortho's spirits and a bit of his inherent mischievousness is coming forth.

Gnore grunts as if a non-humorous joke was said. "Tell you what, Ortho, I'll guard camp here when we pitch one waiting while you go follow the Ogres. Them filthy, bile-drinkin' beasts are just like Trolls...only smarter. I have no need to find out if there are more and less of a want to fight the lot if we do! We dwarves smell a peculiar scent to them dung-eaters. I'm not so feeling safe here but Ras has given us information on what we face. Who knows what more lies out there. It's not our job to go chasing Ogres but we deal with what gets in our way." Gnore finishes from the shadow that he hopes conceals him. With anticipation of the upcoming battle, Gnores speech is true to form.

Garth chuckles at Ortho's words of dancing, "I'd pay good money to see that." That said, he continues, "I too will cast a spell, although a minor one. I will cast a forge glow about them that will make them easier to hit in this darkness." Stepping back into the darkness of the small alcove, Garth prepares a prayer, halting on the activation word until the ogres are in range.

"I have no intention of knowingly letting an enemy at our back," answers Talimar to Ortho. "We will deal with these Ogres here before us and press on from there."

Ortho shrugs as he checks the edge of his axe, just as happy about the idea of getting it wet again as actually letting the beasts pass. From the back of the alcove, Dain hefts a piece of leather into the air while chanting softly. A soft blue outline of mystical armor encapsulates the mage for a moment and then winks out entirely. He stands ready with a grim look of determination upon his face.

Another minute or so goes by as everyone gets quiet and waits for the approach of the ogres, all anxious about the battle. Soon everyone can hear the approach of the beasts as they converse in their harsh, guttural tongue. The stench of the beasts also precedes them down the narrow tunnel. Everyone is quiet as the five creatures pass the opening of the alcove, paying no heed to the side passage. After they pass, Talimar and Kersath quietly step out into the passage behind them. Talimar completes his enchantment and several strands of sticky webbing fly from his fingers, expanding at a tremendous rate to complete shut off the passage ahead of the ogres. None of the creatures are actually caught in the webbing as Talimar was focusing on shutting off access to the passage beyond, so with rage they turn to face the source of the webbing. Seeing the shadowy figure of the dark elf and the elf fighter/mage, the beasts snarl at the prospect of easy prey.

Kersath raises his hand crossbow to fire two bolts at the now approaching beasts. The first glances harmlessly off the leather armor of the lead ogre but the second bolt lands solidly into the creatures left shoulder. A howl of rage more than pain escapes the mouth of the ogre as it reaches up to tear small bolt from it's harm and toss the broken shaft to the ground. The five ogres draw their weapons as they make haste toward the two elves. Passing the opening of the alcove, the beasts are further surprised by the eruption of light to their left and the arrival of the other companions.

Having taken his enchanted stone from its protective pouch, Dain threw the lightsource at the feet of the ogres in the tunnel, momentarily blinding and startling them. Gnore is the first of the companions to react as he takes a stab at one of the passing beasts. The sword point glances off the front of the ogre's breastplate and passes on harmlessly as Gnore lets out his usual string of curses. Quickly regrouping, he attempts another strike but the recovered ogre blocks the blow of the dwarf with surprising strength and knocks the blade free of Gnore's grasp (dm note: rolled a 1 on attack roll). From the tunnel, Kersath drops his hand crossbow to his side as he draws his twin longswords. To his right, Talimar also draws his sword.

From inside the alcove, Dain completes an enchantment mere seconds before Rannigan with similar results. Pointing to the ogres crowding the alcove opening now, a flurry of magical arrows appear from thin air before the mages to fly at differing ogres. The bolts created by Dain are of a soft bluish color while those of Rannigan are the deepest black, almost appearing to absorb all light around them as they streak toward the vile creatures. The two mages look toward one another and shrug their shoulders at the differing spells before turning their attentions back to the battle.

Garth completes his prayer and suddenly a bright nimbus lights his hand before he directs the energy toward the ogres. Instantly the beasts erupt in a bright glow as if they are illumined by the hottest fires of Moradin's forge. Outlined as they are, the beasts become easy targets for the combatants. Ortho's quick attack with his axe is blocked and dodged by what appears to be the largest of the ogres blocking the pathway. To his left however, Beleg easily lands a series of blows to the beast before him. The first thrust of his sword leaves a wound that would end the creatures life in time but his second skewers the beast and drains its life quickly. To Beleg's right, a crossbow bolt from Druckner's weapon flies over the head of Ortho to strike the left shoulder of the creature fighting him. The red-bearded dwarf smiles as he attempts to reload his weapon and seek out another targer.

Next to Kersath, Talimar misses a first swing at the ogre before him but his second pass opens a deep gash on the exposed right arm of the beast. A bull rush from the ogre before him turns out to be more than Kersath can avoid and he receives a deep cut across his abdomen. Ignoring the bleeding and utilizing the closeness of his opponent, the dark elf buries his left sword to the hilt into the stomach of the foul creature. Stepping back with a dark grin on his face, he savors the surprised look on the twisted features of the ogre before bringing his right-hand sword up to penetrate the bottom of the creatures large skull before erupting out of the top.

A second flurry of magically created missiles fly through the air with blinding speed to strike the remaining ogres in the alcove, pincushioning them and finally killing the beasts. At the same time, Talimar guts the last ogre on his sword and turns to look at his companions as they step from the alcove.

"Let me at 'em!" rumbles Snagger as he steps forward, axe high into the passageway. "Ah shux! Ya didn' save any fer me!" Scowling at Gnore and Ortho and the others, he lowers his axe and steps back into the alcove.

With Beleg and Ortho stepping out into the passage as well, Talimar and Kersath look before and aft of the party for any other denizens that might have heard the combat and decided to investigate. Standing on guard for several minutes, they relax, confident that nothing else is immediately forthcoming. Garth steps into the passage and looks on at the fallen bodies that still possess their eerie glow.

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