Turn 9 -- Dinner with the Trolls

Shield up and mace at the ready, Garth says, "It's showtime!" and charges into the fray!

"Och...these kin are the chargin' bunch, aren't they?" Gnore whispers as he watches Garth charge off after the Troll. "I'll not let kin battle nor die alone." With a last deep breath, Gnore charges in support of Garth with his bastard sword held before him. Gnore can feel his heart begin to pump faster and the blood rush throughout his body as he anxiously rushes toward the battle. A sort of calm before the storm settles over him as he grips his bastard sword tightly. Without a doubt he knows that he will erupt with fury the moment he emerges from the tunnel and spies the first Troll.

Beside the angry dwarf Gnore, Druckner shakes off his backpack and tosses his crossbow to the ground near his mules. Raising his battle-axe as well, he sets off after Gnore and Garth. Druckner's thoughts fall to his companions ahead as he charges down the tunnel. Knowing the cold savagery of the Troll race, he fears for Kre and Ras. If they were somehow taken unaware, he knows that they could have been overwhelmed and horribly mutilated by the beasts within seconds. Kersath could withstand the strength of the creatures if he didn't underestimate them but the others relied more on stealth than brute force. Shaking his head, he picks up the pace as he races toward his companions.

Talimar watches the dwarves charge in and shakes his head, "Well that doesn't surprise me, so much for setting them against each other. Beleg, you had better go and make sure that Troll doesn't regenerate." The large Paladin nods his head as he draws Troll's Bane and starts down the tunnel. Hoping that he won't be needed against a single Troll, Talimar turns to Ortho, "Stake the mules out or tie them to a convenient stalactite. We should make a stand here and make them come to us where they should be able to come from only a single direction."

Ortho is visibly torn between following Gnore into battle or staying with the mules. Looking briefly into Hazel's eyes and seeing the unconditional trust there, Ortho knows where he must keep himself for the moment. "Gnore! Sing out if ye need me. Ah've got ta stay with Hazel an' Noah fer now."

Seeing his companions charge into the chamber ahead, Ortho gathers the leads for his mules and those of Druckner and Snagger, who hesitated to take care of his mule before seeing Ortho doing it. Snagger instead tosses him two iron stakes and a hammer from his pack, "These might help ye keep our mules in one place. Ya may need em if'n you get ta fightin." He then raises his axe and charges toward the room.

Since Hazel and Noah are already tied together (Noah in back), Ortho turns to lash his mates' mules together so that he now has a chain of two and a chain of three mules. He then starts to walk the two lead mules forward to within twenty yards of the opening into the large chamber. The mules become restless as they smell the strange scent of the Trolls ahead and the unease of their handlers. Ortho's considerable skill at handling the beasts is enough to calm them though. Reaching his desired spot away from the chamber, he waits and listens to hear if his axe is needed in the present skirmish while keeping a sharp ear out for any squeemishness or noise from Snagger's mule (last in the chain of three) which might signal the presence of enemies behind. For now, the mule seems more interested in moving away from the chamber then anything behind it.

Wondering at the situation ahead and unable to see anything in the darkness, Dain removes the enchanted stone from his satchel so he can see as he walks down the passage toward the chamber of the Trolls. With the passageway lit, he can see the charging dwarves before him and Beleg moving down the passage with the sword Troll's Bane held before him. Entering the mouth of the chamber, he looks forward to see Kersath engaged with one solitary Troll, Kre and Ras are nowhere to be seen.


Kersath draws his twin swords while still crouched and smiles to himself, thinking of the slashing he's going to do. Turning to face the nine foot tall beast before him, he tries his best to move in and out of the range of the deadly claws of the creature. The Troll tries a quick rush at Kersath but the agile elf steps to the side, his left sword sailing wide in a quick strike. The Troll turns just as Kersath's right sword cuts deep across the creature's abdomen, a howl of rage coming from the gaping maw of the beast. Kersath's satisfactory smile is quickly wiped from his face as the Troll ignores the pain in its side and turns with lightening speed toward the dark elf. Both claws come to slap the side of the dark elf's head sharply. His eyes rolling back into his head, blood erupts from both ears of Kersath as well as from his nose. Feeling its prey go limp in its hands, the Troll quickly lowers its head to take a deep bite from the neck of Kersath. Blood flies from the neck of the dark elf as his flesh is torn by the sharpened teeth of the Troll. A sickening gurgle emanates from the Troll as it swallows the flesh of Kersath, a distorted grin on its green-skinned face as it bends to finish the job on the dark elf.

A howl of rage and challenge from Garth is the only thing that saves the dark elf from the troll as the dwarven priest enters the chamber. Seeing one of its race's longtime enemies and sensing Kersath finished, the Troll tosses the limp body to the side and turns toward Garth, Gnore following close behind him.


As the first Troll went racing from the chamber, Kre immediately drew ColdHeart and set out after the beast. Moving slower than the surprisingly fast beast, Kre stays to the shadows as he steps into the darkened tunnel. From ahead he can hear the beast calling out in its strange guttural language. The cry of the beast is answered by what appears to be four or five other beasts. Howls of rage and excitement echo down the tunnel followed closely by what could only be their quick charge forward. Having no time to hide and come up behind the beasts, Kre instead decides to head back out and warn the others of the approaching beasts.

"Guys, we've got trouble!" yells Kre to his friends as he runs from the mouth of the tunnel. "Five or six more behind me." Kre looks on in horror at the still form of Kersath as he sees Garth and Gnore moving toward the snarling Troll. "This is not good..." he mumbles to himself as he sheaths ColdHeart and draws a pair of throwing daggers.

As he does so, Ras comes running from the southern chamber breathing heavily, his little legs pumping hard. "More trouble," he stammers as he enters the chamber. "Perhaps five more on my tail!" The small halfling draws his short sword in his right hand, a dagger in his left as he runs to take a hiding position behind a nearby boulder. Looking around, he spots the large form of Beleg moving toward the southern chamber, his great bastard sword glowing brightly.

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