Personal Information
Name: Druckner Brombreath Player: Jean DesRosiers
Race: Mountain dwarf Gender: Male Height: 4'1" Age: 59
Classes: Fighter/Thief Levels: 5/4 Weight: 140 lbs
XP: 16,000/5,000 Alignment: Neutral Good
Next Level: 32,000/10,000 Kit: None
Ability Scores
Str: 13 Stamina: 12 Weight Allowance: 45 lbs Bend Bars/Lift Gates: 7%
Muscle: 14 Attack Adj.: +0 Damage Adj.: +0 Max. Press: 170 lbs Open Doors: 8
Dex: 16 Aim: 16 Missile Adjustment: +1 Pick Pockets: +0% Open Locks: +5%
Balance: 16 Reaction Adjustment: +1 Armor Class: -2 Move Silently: +0% Climb Walls: +0%
Con: 17 Health: 16 System Shock: 95% Poison Save: +0
Fitness: 18 Hit Point Adjustment: +2(+4) Resurrection Chance: 100%
Int: 13 Reason: 13 Max. Spell Level: 6th Max. Spells Per Level: 9 Illusion Immunity: None
Knowledge: 13 Bonus Proficiencies: 3 Chance to Learn New Spell: 55%
Wis: 12 Intuition: 12 Bonus Clerical Spells: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 Clerical Spell Failure Chance: 5%
Willpower: 12 Magic Defense Adjustment: +0 Spell Immunity: None
Cha: 13 Leadership: 13 Loyalty Base: +0 Maximum Number of Henchmen: 5
Appearance: 13 Initial Reaction Adjustment: +1
Saving Throws
Paralyzation: 11 Poison: 7 Death Magic: 11 Petrification: 12 Polymorph: 12
Rod: 9 Staff: 9 Wand: 9 Breath Weapon: 13 Spell: 10
Hit Points: 44
Base THAC0: 16
Melee THAC0: 16
Missile THAC0: 15
Natural armor class 10
Full armor, chain mail -5
Balance Defensive adj. -2
Weapon Proficiencies
Axe, battle (Expert, Chosen Weapon, Specialist)
Crossbow, heavy (Specialist)
Fighting Style:
One-handed Weapon (+2)
Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Appraising 12
Blacksmithing 8
Carpentry 7
Disguise 5
Endurance 8
Juggling 10
Modern Languages 9
Mountaineering 7
Reading/Writing 8
Native Languages
Common, Dwarf - mountain dialect
THAC0 Attacks/ Speed Damage Range (-2) (-5)
Weapon Melee Missile Round Factor Sm-Med Large Type Size Short Medium Long
Axe, battle +1 14 3/2 6 1d8+3 1d10+3 S M
Crossbow, heavy 15 1 10 P M
Crossbow, heavy quarrel 1d8+1 1d10+1 P S 16 32 48
Crossbow, heavy quarrel +1 1d8+2 1d10+2 P S 16 32 48
Knife 19 18 1 2 1d3 1d2 P/S S 2 4 6
Racial Abilities
Infravision - Dwarves have infravision to 60 feet - the ability to see heat patterns given off by living warm-blooded creatures in the dark.
Melee combat - Dwarves have a +1 bonus to their attack rolls vs. orcs, half-orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins. Further, when ogres, half-ogres, ogre magi, trolls, giants, or titans fight dwarves, these aggressors suffer a -4 penalty on all attack rolls. Dwarves are small and have defensive tactics against these large foes.
Mining detection abilities - A character with this skill is familiar with mining, tunnelling and stonework. By concentrating for one round the character can:
Determine the approximate depth underground, 1-3 on 1d6.
Detect any sliding or shifting walls or rooms, 1-4 on 1d6.
Detect any grade or slope in the passage they are passing through, 1-5 on 1d6.
Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls, 1-3 on 1d6
Detect new construction in stonework, 1-5 on 1d6.
Saving throw bonuses - Bonus to saving throws vs. poison, rods, wands, and spells based on their Constitution/Health subability score.
Stealth - If the dwarf is not in metal armor, a -2 penalty is applied to opponent's surprise rolls if the dwarf is at least 90 feet ahead of a party of characters without this ability, or accompanied only by characters with equivalent stealth skills. The dwarf is also difficult to surprise himself and received a +2 bonus to his own surpise rolls.

Class Abilities
    Multiple specialization - Allows specialization in more than one weapon.
    Backstab - Surprise attack may inflict double damage. For every four levels beyond first, the damage multiplier increases by one.
    Climb walls* 55% - Able to climb vertical or smooth surfaces.
    Detect noise* -5% - May hear faint noises.
    Escaping bonds* -5% - Skill at escaping bonds.
    Find/remove traps* 20% - Skill at finding and disarming traps.
    Hide in shadows* -5% - Grants the ability to hide in shadows.
    Move silently* - May move without making a sound.
    Open locks* 70% - Skill at opening locks with the proper tools.
    Pick pockets* -10% - Skill at pilfering small items from pockets or purses.
    Read languages* -5% - Skill at deciphering unknown texts.
    Thieves' cant - Knowledge of the secret language of thieves.

Greed - The character will either be overcome with want for money or power. In either case, the character will stop at nothing to gain it.

Rogue Skills
Skill Base Racial Mods Ability Scores Discretionary Points Armor Final
Escaping bonds 10 +0 +0 +10 -25 -5%
Pick pockets 15 +0 +0 +10 -35 -10%
Open locks 10 +10 +5 +60 -15 70%
Find/remove traps 5 +15 +0 +15 -15 20%
Move silently 10 +0 +0 +15 -25 0%
Hide in shadows 5 +0 +0 +15 -25 -5%
Detect noise 15 +0 +0 +0 -20 -5%
Climb walls 60 -10 +0 +40 -35 55%
Read languages 0 -5 +0 +5 -5 -5%

  • Animals
    • Donkey, mule, or ass
      • Crossbow, heavy quarrel x25
      • Rations,iron (1 week) x3
      • Saddle blanket
      • Saddle, pack
        • Hacksaw, Common
        • Piton x10
        • Rope, silk (50 ft)
        • Salt (per lb)
        • Small beer (gallon)
        • Wineskin
    • Donkey, mule, or ass
      • Axe, battle
      • Crossbow, heavy quarrel x25
      • Rations,iron (1 week) x3
      • Saddle blanket
      • Saddle, pack
        • Fishing Tackle
        • Grappling hook
        • Iron pot
        • Lantern, hooded
        • Piton x10
        • Rope, silk (50 ft)
        • Salt (per lb)
        • Small beer (gallon)
        • Wineskin
      • Wine, fair (lg barrel)
  • Items Carried
    • Backpack
      • Flint and steel
      • Thieves' picks
      • Winter blanket
    • Belt pouch, small
    • Bolt case
      • Crossbow, heavy quarrel x9
      • Crossbow, heavy quarrel +1 x11
    • Crossbow, heavy
  • Items Readied
    • Axe, battle +1
  • Items Worn
    • Belt
      • Belt pouch, small
    • Full armor, chain mail
    • Helmet, mail coif (AC 5)
    • Knife sheath
      • Knife
Movement and Encumbrance
Encumbrance: Unencumbered Light Moderate Heavy Severe
Weight (lbs): 0-45 46-69 70-93 94-117 118-140
Movement: 7 5 3 1 1
THAC0: -1 -2 -4
AC: +1 +3
Currently carrying 77.20 pounds (Moderate Encumbrance, 3 Movement)


Character History
Druckner "Red" Brombreath was born some 59 years ago in the hidden dwarven community of Baruk Tor, near the old mines of Tethyamar. He is the son of the moderately well-known dwarf trader Alizor Brombreath. As a youth, Druckner traveled with his father. His father's company, 'Brombreath Associates Trading and Adventuring Company', shipped dwarven manufactured goods between different clanholds and sometimes the human cities and kingdoms such as the Dalelands, Tilverton and Hillsfar. It also took care of 'special' jobs once in a while.

At the head of the company were his Pa Alizor, of course, but also his Uncle Blum, Druckner's main influence. His older brother Alizor, Jr., was the natural heir to his father's business and spent the most time dealing with clients and such. His Uncle Blum, a blacksmith by trade, apprenticed Druckner and educated him. The company existed primarily to make the family rich, but it was also a front for Uncle Blum's secret activities. Blum was a sometimes spy for the King of Baruk Tor. He showed Druckner a lot about sneaking about, picking locks and spying in general. This led the young Druckner on his first adventures.

These spying activities carried the company around the Moonsea and into the very Elven Court before the elves started disappearing. A year and a half ago, an expedition into Zhentil Keep went badly resulting in great losses to the company and serious injury to Uncle Blum. The company has laid up in Barok Tor for two years to allow them to re-organize and Blum to heal.

Since his father is relatively young (176), and his older brother, Alizor Jr., is there to help out with the business, Druckner decided to head out on his own and explore the world using the bit of money his father gave him. That was one year ago, and now the money is running out. Druckner is a competent blacksmith and a devious negotiator, so he manages for now, but he's looking for something more exciting. He has definitely found this with the Red Feather Adventuring Company.

Druckner stands a bit over 4' tall, and his most striking feature is definitely his long red hair and beard that are tied in tresses. He also has very pale skin and green eyes. As most dwarves he is very stocky and solid. He is 59 years old, young for a dwarf. He wears a normal helm and clothes made of thick brown material over his chain mail armor. The equipment you can see is his plan battle-axe, a crossbow and bolts tied to his leather backpack. He also has a knife and some pouches attached to his wide leather belt.

Druckner is also known for his tendency to turn deep red whenever he experiences violent emotion. Another notorious trait is the family tendency to have criminally bad breath. Long conversations at close quarters are no fun with Druckner.

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