Kre Novablade


I am a thief, kicked out of the guild for slaying my guildmaster. But before anyone chastises me, heres the whole story: "We were the best thieves in the region, you name it, we could get it, why I remember once we took the sheriff's chair right out from under him, anyway, we were asked to do a job, minor, but expensive. The client paid in advance so we asked no questions. To make it short, our guildmaster betrayed us and got us caught in a trap in which we were caught on the first floor with twenty armoured soldiers as our leader and his cohort looked on our demise from the third. I could not let my friends be slaughtered, so I took out my throwing daggers and killed our leader, he fell to the first floor and I took his weapon, 'ColdHeart', which he received for his services in betraying us. It gets foggy after that, but I managed to save us and escape, when we were safe in our hall, they turned on me, oblivious to the betrayal, I escaped them, but ever since, I am hunted by most thieves. I must find my father, a bandit leader. Only then will I be safe from my former guild members."

Sadly, Kre was slain in Turn 16 -- Darkness Descends.

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