NPC'S of Note

Gordrenn: Middle-aged, dark-haired, slightly portly wizard from Shadowdale who originally hired the Red Feather Company to transport a chest to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster.

Carman Family: Darius Carman and his family own the mines north of Milbourne and most of the farmsteads around Milbourne, together with some properties in the town itself.

Parlfray Family: Count Parlfray owns many of the farmsteads around Thurmaster and property within the village and also has an ancestral keep in the easternmost hills.

Andrenn: Fiance to Jelenneth, Andren runs the Baron of Mutton with his brother Barthelew for their old man, Dirkaster. Andrenn originally hired the Red Feather Company to find his lost love.

Barthelew: Brother of Andrenn, he runs the Baron of Mutton with his brother.

Garyld: Carpenter and former Ranger, Garyld is also the town Constable. At 51, he is still handsome with a mop of thick black hair and lean 6' frame. Suffers a pronounced limp from an injured right leg.

Ol'Grizzler: Venerable dwarf of Milbourne that speaks of himself in the third person. The white-haired dwarf is of uncertain age though he is obviously old. He walks with a gnarled stick, but he can still walk home after downing a considerable amount of ale. Grizzler is no fool and he doesn't tolerate fools gladly. Grizzler has a soft spot for young dwarves and has taken a strong liking to the dwarves of the RFC, taking them under his wing, so to speak, and providing valuable pieces of information from time to time.

Jelenneth: The source of the Company's business around Milbourne, the young mage was apprenticed to Tauster and engaged to Andrenn. Her disappearance led to the Company being hired by Andrenn to find her. She is 20 years old, 5' 4" and of slim build.

Squire Marlen: The local representative of Count Parlfray in the village, Thurmaster, he is an old, rake-thin man with a beak of a nose, beady eyes, and a whiningly ingratiating manner which he thinks conceals his extreme nosiness. He is responsible for collecting taxes and tithes within the village.


Tauster: Seventy-four years old, Tauster is 5' 3" and very conscious of his lack of height. He is thin, but paunchy, and has little of his sandy-colored hair left. His light blue eyes are rather watery. Tauster hired the Company to deliver a message to the Ranger Kuiper after delivery of his chest. He has taken Dain under his tutelage and taught him a few spells as well as various minor tricks.

Kuiper: A tall, 6' 4", relatively young and strongly built man, Kuiper is one of the other Rangers of the Thornwood. He has a friendly and open manner to him. He helped the Company look for Jelenneth along the Hog Brook and has been a valuable source of information and aid from time to time. He traveled with the Company and assaulted the bandits at the old Parlfray Keep.

Oleanne: A Druid of the Thornwood, she is often called the Wild Woman of the Woods by the locals. She has an extraordinary appearance. Somewhere under the dirt there's a remarkably pretty young woman, but it's hard to tell as her hair is long and unkempt and her clothing little more than rags. She is 5' 5", lightly built, with dark eyes and auburn hair. She travels with a pair of wolves that growl at anyone who does not keep a respectable distance.

Maxim: One of the local farmers son, he fell to a family trait and became a werebear. The party tracked him down with Kuiper who calmed him down so he could return to his human form before returning him to his father.

Goblins of the Ring: Blue-skinned goblin clan that lived on the edges of the Patchwork Hills. The goblins have no wish to interfere with the humans and simply wish to be left alone. Grundlegek is the leader of the goblins. Burukkleyet is the Shaman of the clan who possessed the malfunctioning Ring of Elemental Control that was causing the problem of the New Mire.

Ranchefus: This man is 5' 9", dark-haired, with a swarthy complexion. His right eye is missing, and the socket is covered with a black leather eyepatch. Ranchefus was a priest of Cycric that ran the kidnapping ring running from the old Parlfray Keep in the Thornwood. He was slain by Beleg in Turn 61.

Lyntern: The son of Count Parlfray, this young man negotiated and honorary membership into the Red Feather Company by telling some family secrets that led the Company to the old Parlfray Keep in the Thornwood. Lyntern had a mini adventure with the Company before having to return to his father, thereafter joining them in the Thornwood for the assault on the Keep.

Shiraz: This tall (5' 10"), slender, fit Ranger has sun-bleached hair, brown eyes and a deep tan. She is 30 years old. The most restless of all the Haranshire rangers, she is unable to spend two nights in the same place without feeling uncomfortable.

Balrat: This thief from the Parlfray Keep is tall, 6', of medium build, with greying black hair and brown eyes. He has a broken nose, and his front two upper teeth are missing. One of the thieves working out of the Keep under Ranchefus' leadership, Balrat perished in the fire that destroyed the keep in Turn 61.

Wilmors: Another of Ranchefus' leutinants, Wilmors is 5'9" of slender build, with brown hair and hazel eyes. His fingernails are very long and dirt-encrusted, and half his left ear was torn away in a bar brawl. He was slain by Druckner in Turn 55.

Heydrus: This thief of the Keep is utterly wretched. He is a general-purpose dogsbody for Wilmors and Balrat and hates it. He is spectacularly nerd-like in appearance. He is 5'11" and painfully thin, with scrofulous skin and light brown hair that looks as if someone has been mopping up greasy floors with it for several weeks. Ortho knocked Heydrus unconscious in Turn 55 but he subsequently died in the fire later.

Marly: This thoroughly mad thief from the Keep was rescued by Beleg in Turn 62. She was the cook for the thieves of the Keep and fell further into madness when taken from her kitchen in the keep. Garth took pity on the shattered lady and took her to the Temple of Tyr in Milbourne to have the priest Semheis watch over her. She has since become the cook there.

Shilek: This priestess of Cyric was a part of the kidnapping ring stationed below the Garlstone mines. She is 5'7" in her mid-30's with long, curly black hair and green eyes. Her fingers are unusually long and slender, and she moves swiftly and gracefully. She was slain by Randor in Turn 77 with help from Dain and Kre.

Imrin: Another priest of Cyric as well as the Garlstone kidnappers, Imrin is 5'8", 44 years old, with cropped gray hair balding at the crown; generally a pudgy and unhealthy looking sort. He has a permanent rasping cough and an unsightly wart on his nose. Imrin escaped the wrath of the Company and fled from battle in Turn 77. He is still being hunted by the group.

Ramor: Fighter and leader of the Garlstone kidnappers, Ramor is 25 years old, 6'3", of medium build, with flaming red hari and dark blue eyes. He has a thin scar running from the middle of his right ear to his mouth and a permanent sneer on his face. Ramor defeated Kersath in battle in Turn 77 but decided to flee before dealing the death blow to the dark elf Ranger. Kersath has sworn revenge and is anxiously awaiting any chance of a rematch with the fighter.

'Bob': A hired mercenary of the Garlstone kidnappers, 'Bob' was taken prisoner by the Companions in Turn 73. He later escaped from the RFC while they were battling the orcs below the mines. Ortho swore he would kill the man if he fled and Ortho ever found him again.

Garundzer: One of the Bloodskull Orc Protectors, this huge orog stands over 7' tall and terrifies and bullies his charges and would probably have taken over the tribe by now if not for the hold the priests exercise over him. This great beast slew Brother Randor in Turn 88B but was quickly slain himself by Ortho.


Ogurkek: Bloodskull Tribal Chieftain, Ogurkek tried to barter the life of Snagger in return for the RFC leaving his tribe alone. The plan failed and Gnore slew him in Turn 88B.

Agripyek and Kalyagebek: Two Orc Priests of Gruumsh, they fought with Ogurkek in the central chamber of the Orcs. Talimar slew Agripyek in Turn 88B while Kre finished off Kalyagebek.




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