Brother Randor Skycastle


Randor was orphaned at a young age, and brought up in a monastery. The monks were strict disciplinarians and they instilled in Randor his sense of honour and integrity. They taught him the ways of the outside world and how corrupt it is, through lessons in history. His only break from this were his religious studies, where he learned that good must persevere in the face of corruption. When Randor became a man, he approached the abbot and admitted his intention to join the clergy of Tyr. The abbot had seen it coming and wrote a letter of recommendation to the high priest of the House of Justice in Waterdeep. The high priest, in turn, accepted Randor into the fold and aversaw his training to become a priest. Recently, Randor completed his training and must now prove his worthiness in the Church's eyes, he must take a year to travel the world, righting wrongs and acting as his God's agent. When the year is up, he will return to Waterdeep to be judged and if he is found worthy, he will be ordained.
Randor attempts to live his life accoring to the Scriptures of his Church. He is intensely faightful, praying regularly when he wakes each day. Despite his complete devotion to his faith, Randor is not blinded by it. He is intelligent and will always analyze a given situation/person/object where his faith allows it. He believes strongly in justice and will do everything in his power to see it brought about.
Randor appears as a fit, healthy young man who is mildly handsome. His features are sharply defined and he has a hawk-like nose.

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