Zir'zool is a beautiful and charming young elf. Her hair is green and long and her skin white like milk. Her eyes glow blue like pearls of ocean water and she has a happy smile. She wears green padded leather armour and a green and brown cloak. A black belt sneaks around her hip and attacked to the belt is a leather purse. On the right side a sheath with a short sword and on the left a sheath with a long sword. She wears dark green pants and brown leather boots. On her back she has a green backpack with the rest of her gear and a brown long bow. On her left tie she has a sheath with arrows and a hidden throwing dagger. She also has a red feather in her hair.

Zir'zool was the daughter of an elven tribe chief. The tribe was located in a large forest beside a lake. The tribe lived in perfect harmony, hunting only enough to feed themselves, living on the goodwill of the forest. In her youth, Zir'zool spent a good deal of her time on the lake, fishing and learning more about natures life. Her father, who had 3 sons and her, wasn't too happy about the boys learning to be fighters as he was an old ranger and felt he didn't have anything to give them except the art of fighting. He wanted some one to take over the responsibility of making sure that no one disrupted the forest life. At that time Zir'zool wasn't interested in the other rough games of her brothers, only in the forest life.And that was the way it was until the tribe was attacked by a horde of orcs that wanted to expand their territory. The fight was vicious and many good elves died, all her brothers included. As the fighting grew worse Zir'zool hid in a little storage house, she crawled into the darkest corner she could find and became very quiet. Soon, the door was ripped open and an huge, ugly orc stood on the door step, digging his eyes into her soul. Suddenly, with a wicked grin, he ran towards her. Zir'zool panicked and grabbed a rusty knife. As the orc grabbed her she plunged the knife into his chest. It's eyes turned red and she felt warm blood all over her arm. The orc took his last breath and fell to the floor, a pool of blood becoming larger as he died. Zir'zool sat down against the wall, exhausted after the horrible experience and slept. The day after the battle, the remains of the tribe gathered the dead bodies of the proud men that had protected the village and began the ceremonies to bury them. Zir'zool's father found her and the dead orc in the storage room and he became determined to teach her the ways of the Ranger. As the years passed she learned all she could from her father and finally decided to set out on her own to travel the land and learn new things from all the other areas of the realm.

Zir'zool was slain by orcs in Turn 12

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