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Welcome to
Microthick's Realm

Microthick's Realm is a site dedicated to the BBS online game Barren Realms Elite, better known as BRE to its players. As an experienced player in this game, my main objective is to help other players in the game.

8453 people have entered Microthick's Realm since January 20th, 1998. This site has not been (and will not be) updated since April 1999.

What is Barren Realms Elite?

Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war game. The game is set in a universe which is empty except for a few planets. The player, as a baron under a great king, must expand your barony throughout your king's planet, taking advantage of natural resources such as rivers and mountains to become the ultimate baron. It isn't as easy as it sounds though; you have to juggle military, diplomacy, and finances while at the same time watching everyone else, looking to see if they might attack. Up to 255 BBS' can be involved in one game, making a possible total of 255 planets to fight with.

Where can I play BRE?

There are many places where you can play BRE. Many telnetable BBS' has it as a game in their onlines section. An alternative are the normal BBS' which you can connect with via a comm program.

What does this site offer me?

This site has many things to offer for both the newbie and the elite player.

Here's a short list of what we have:

  • Hints and strategies for all ranges of players
  • Attack calculators and many other cool BRE files.
  • Info-Packs so you can join BRE leagues.
  • User chat to exchange hints and attack plans
  • General info on the game.
  • Links to other BRE pages and other pages related to Mehul Patel's many programs.

  • Check Out This!

    Our Guestbook Finally Works!
    After months of having to endure broken links to an Lpage guestbook that no longer exists... I have finally signed up for a guestbook at Dreambook. Sign it today!

    What To Expect In BRE v.988
    Check out what is in the newest version of BRE! There are lots of updates.

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    Contact Rory Hansen at microthick@yahoo.com with suggestions, comments or questions.

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