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Midnight Rambling about Games

PC Games:

I'm afraid you won't find any of the Hot "NEW" Games here, but there are many, many Great Old Games that are still available at reasonable prices and many more that can be found used for next to nothing... For those on a limited budget (like me).
I'll be adding pages for some of the Classic PC games and some of my favorites. Most of the information I've gathered has been gleaned from other web pages to include "cheats", codes, tips, tricks, add-on, and a few links to some of the best sites I've been able to find for them. In many ways these pages will be like an archive of my favorite old games. I've started a new site for more current games that can be played on the Internet I call
midnight's realm: online obsessions.

Doom / Doom II | Heretic | Hexen | Warcraft / Warcraft II | Ultima

Web Based Games:

The number of WWW based games continues to grow, and though I don't have much information on many of them, there is one that has become my latest obsession... ARCHMAGE.
I am currently working on some pages with some information and tips on game play which should be available soon. In the Meantime, if you like Detailed Fantasy War Games with midevil themes of Might, Magic and Monsters, link directly to
ARCHMAGE and experience my latest obsession for yourself.

BBS Door Games:

Legend of the Red Dragon
by Seth Able Robinson

By far the longest running online game that continues to draw New players on BBSs everywhere. Due to it's long lived popularity it has spawned many "clones" and is generally considered the model for many of the games that have followed. It also created alot of interest in the concept of IGMs (Inner Game Modules) which have almost become an option alot of players expect to find.
LORD is also known for it's use of RIP Graphics. One of the first and best implimentations of it in any game and the inspiration and vehicle of my own
FX Sound System add-ons.
After many years the Author has sold his entire line of BBS Door Games which include Planets: The Exploration of Space (TEOS) and LORD ][ (New World) to Metropolis which are still available from Gameport.
One of the best places to check out a lot of the IGMs available for LORD is the TrentSoft IGM Page. And finally, if you're curious to find out what Seth is up to now visit Robinson Technologies.

by Jakob Dangarden

Some people may disagree with me, but I consider Usurper a classic and for years it gave LORD a run for the money in popularity of Role Playing Games. It is more of a role playing game than LORD with a wide range of races and classes a player can choose from. It also was one of the first to allow for gangs or team play and rated it's self "R" for Violence. The game has had many revisions (some very buggy) with the current v.17 being very stable with lots of options. It is still being developed and fans are waiting in anticipation for the v.18 which is now being tested. You can download the current version and check the status of the next from the Official Usurper Home Page and good site for tips, tricks, race discriptions, drink recipies, and more is Lenny's Usurper page.

by Mehul & Amit Patel
Most of the SRGAMES collection has been sold to John Dailey who is currently upgrading BRE, FE, and TAL. Solar Realms Elite was one of the most popular strategy war games of it's time and laid the ground work for the ever popular Baron Realms. With BRE the Patel brothers ushered in a new era of Inter BBS Gaming. Adding Falcon's Eye and the Arcadian Legend to their list of successes. Inter-BBS games gained alot of interest and popularity allowing BBSs to play as teams against other players and teams from all around the world. This phenomenon continues to grow with many new games with IBBS options and many Leagues that not only offer SRGAMES but many of the other games with IBBS options. For the current status and downloads of all the SRGAMES link to
The John Dailey Softwarehome page.

(Note: Mehul Patel contiune to be in the forefront of online gaming now moving their attention to games that can be played on the WWW. Thier latest innovation is the game Earth 2025. To check it out and\or join a game use this link: Solaria Interactive)

Land of Devastation
by Scott Baker

Even if you've never heard of Land of Devastation the work of Scott Baker is very significant in the existance to Online Door Games. If you've ever setup online doors the name Scott Baker should be familiar (that is if you read the docs). Scott Baker and Derrick Parkhurst are the authors of the Original DoorDriver Kit that has allowed so many door games to be possible.
Land of Devastation took Online Games a step farther than many in offering a Graphic Terminal (GTERM) that could be installed on the users side to give EGA, VGA, and finally SVGA Graphics and Stereo Sound! In addition it comes with a powerful game editor that gave fans the ability to create custom versions of the game. New maps, monsters, graphics and storyline. Fans could (and did with version 4.x) create whole new worlds for LOD.
Though the author has moved on to other projects not related to BBSing, his games are still available from his "Old" Projects page for Land Of Devastation.

Realm of Kismon (ROK)
by Devon Brooks
Now owned by SHARKware.

This is currently my favorite "LORD" clone, though it's alot more than just another clone. It has become one of the most played Doors on my BBS and users seem to Love it. It has gone through some changes over the past year and had a period of bugginess, but it's back on track and stable!
I added the FX System and modified some the RIP for 2.0-2. The current version has RIP disabled, but the next version (hopefully) will bring it back and I'll be there playing with it and adding Sound... maybe with a NEW set of FX Waves. hmmmm.... An "alternate" sound package for the FX System...
For all the Latest News and files for ROK and all the SHARKWARE doors and utilities (many FREEWARE) link to the SHARKware Homepage.

by Mike Snyder

I don't know how this one passed me (probably cause there are Soo Many Games) but I've just recently been introduced to this one which is a hillarious use of the classic door game interface with a number of "IGM" type options, and easily customizable (but who'd want to??... yep ME!) I didn't touch the ANSI... (why?)but I've Added 16 NEW Rip Screens that also use the FX System for Sound to Enhance the Insanity of it All!
Go to the N-E-WARE Homesite for LuNaTiX and all the other BBS Doors.
Mike Still supports all his games, but he too has turned his attention toward the WWW and has some cool JAVA games you can play right from his Exertion Page.

Inter-BBS Games and Leagues:

I consider BRE to be the one game to really stimulate the interest in Inter-BBS games. It's popularity was the driving force that was the backbone of many Leauges that have formed and many games that have since added Inter-BBS capabilities. Initially it was primarily handled through fidonet style networks but in the last few years transfers are being handled through the internet more and more. There are many Leagues that offer BRE, FE, TAL, LORDnet, Kingdoms, The Clans, and many others. This link is one of the most comprehensive links to Inter-BBS Leagues available.
International Inter-BBS Games Leagues WWW Site

There are many other "Classic" Games that I haven't included, but may at a later date. These I feel are the most significant and ones which I have enough knowlege about to include. Tradewars is one that I must mention briefly since it has a very loyal following and many sites dedicated to it. It was one of the first to make the transition to MBBS and Worldgroup which in itself is significant and maybe one of the reasons for it's longevity. I cannot say from experience but you can link to it's main WWW site using this link: Trade Wars 2002 Version 3.

Other BBS Games of Note:

F/X DDO Games
by Locatha Industries

With 20 Games available in their initial release. With Dungeon Lords being a Free Door to get you started. This line of Games introduces a New Graphic protocol with SVGA graphics and Stereo Sound. It has the potential to allow any dial-up BBS to easily offer an all new Graphic Gaming System for Users. It requires LI-TERM which is a full featured Communications Terminal.
Support for thier BBS games was short-lived... probably due to the current state of interest in BBS systems. However unlock keys to all thier games and LI-TERM have been released and are now free to use. You can download the FREEKEYS.ZIP and all the programs from the Locatha Files section from the DDS Web Site. Locatha is still producing games of a differnt nature. For all the files Information on thier current Games and Development go to the Locatha Industries Home Page.

VGA Planets:

by Tim Wisseman

Though not really a True Online Game VGA Planets had it's beginning being played through a BBS Interface and has gone on to be one of the most successful BBS games of ALL Time! With over 50,000 copies sold (the players must register not the Host or Sysop). VGAP had a major following through the internet before most people even knew the internet existed. It now is consider the "Most Popular Play by E-Mail Game on the Planet"
It has been one of my all time favorite games for along time and is one of the main reasons I keep my BBS online. For more detailed information and downloads jump to my
VGA Planets Page.
There are Many Sites Dedicated to VGA Planets on the WWW with The Official VGA Planets Site of the Author, Tim Wisseman, being the best place to start.

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