Here are some of the characters one might meet around Mona's Aquarium:

Charlie Mozzerelli
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Crafter/Rake
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Boggan
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 2, Sta 2, Cha 4, Man 3, App 3, Per 2, Int 3, Wits 3
Abilities: Alert 1, Emp 3, Expres 2, Kenn 2, Street 2, Sub 1, Etiq 2, Perf 2, Sec 2, Cooking 2, Mythlore 2, Trivia 1, Area Knowl 2, Food 3
Backgrounds: Chimera 2 (Billy Glowmoth), Mentor (Bobby), Resources 3, Contacts 3
Arts: Primal 3
Realms: Actor 2, Fae 1, Nature 3, Prop 2
Glamour 4, Willpower 6, Banality 5
Charlie is a jolly Italian boggan who owns a deli near the aquarium. He is famous locally for his fantastic food which he often gives to you because he "likes-a your face." Charlie has a chimerical friend, Billy Glowmoth, who is about a foot long and kind of big for a glowmoth. Charlie also has a very good friend named Bobby, who is a mortal child of 6. Charlie and Bobby talk a lot and Charlie has learned a lot from Bobby and Bobby has helped him to stay young at heart. Charlie loves making food for people just about as much as he likes to eat it himself. He is a very amiable man, and there isn't a sole who has any ill feeling toward him.

Lorin Larkin
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Saint/Wretch
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Sluagh
Attributes: Str 1, Dex 3, Sta 2, Cha 3, Man 2, App 3, Per 4, Int 3, Wits 3
Abilities: Alert 1, Ath 3, Brawl 1, Emp 3, Expres 1, Street 1, Sub 1, Etiq 2, Melee 1, Perf 1, Sec 2, Stealth 4, Painting 3, Enigma 1, Mythlore 2, Occult 1
Backgrounds: Chimera 3 (Murgle Flugg), Resources 1
Arts: Primal 2, Soothsay 4
Realms: Actor 2, Fae 2, Prop 3
Glamour 4, Willpower 3, Banality 4
Lorin is a loner. She lives in an old apartment building, unknown. There, she paints. She has a chimerical friend named murgle Flurgg (or Murge) who is a snuffler that lives under her bed. They talk and share each other's lonliness. Lorin looks a little like Morticia from The Addam's Family, and always wears a black dress fit for some formal haloween dance. She uses her gift of soothsay to catch glimses of the outside world, for she is too meek to venture out into it. She often expiriences mood swings where she breaks into her unseelie legacie and sulks for a day. Sad, huh?

Mona Shawling
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Troubador/Peacock
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Pooka
Attributes: Str 3, Dex 2, Sta 3, Cha 4, Man 2, App 4, Per 2, Int 3, Wits 2
Abilities: Alert 2, Ath 3, Dodge 1, Emp 3, Expres 1, Kenn 2, Street 2, Sub 1, Driv 1, Lead 2, Perf 3, Sec 1, Swimming 3, Law 1, Medicine 1, Mythlore 1, Science 2
Backgrounds: Holdings 2 (Mona's Aquarium), Chimera 4 (Morris), Resources 3
Arts: Primal 2, Wayfare 2
Realms: Actor 2, Fae 1, Nature 3
Glamour 5, Willpower 4, Banality 3
Mona is a very happy, amiable pooka. She is very young for her age (Since she spends so much time in the freehold, she looks about five years younger than she is) She is the owner of Mona's Aquarium, which is actually a freehold of some power. A secret room hides both the balefire, and a large tank in which lives Morris, a Chimerical Sea Monster He actually chooses to live there, where he gets lots of attention. Mona is a seal pooka, and regularly swims throughout the tanks and pools of her aquarium, mingling freely with the animals (all for which she has names, and who she has befriended) Every day she takes part in the dolphin show, and kids and childlings from all over the greater Seattle area flock, for every show she picks one audience member under 10 to swim in the show. She is very attractive and looks very nice in her bathing suit, which is the reason that many wilder boys flock to the shows as well.

Morris Sea Monster
Attributes: Strength 7, Dex 1, Stam 5, Perc 3, Int 1, Wits 3
Glamour: 6, Willpower: 3
Health levels: OK, OK, OK, -1, -1, -1, -2, -5
Attack: Bite/6 dice
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 2, Sonar 2
Morris is large and snakelike, with rainbow colored scales and dark green fins that fold back over his body (which is about 30 feet long). He has bright blue eyes, and a toothy smile. Morris is very good natured, and loves the attention of being in the aquarium, especially the comfort of being in a freehold. His tank is very large, and goes deep into the ground so he has ample room to swim in.

Lydia Fontayne
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Courtier/Peacock
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Boggan
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 2, Sta 2, Cha 4, Man 4, App 3, Per 2, Int 3, Wits 3
Abilities: Brawl 1, Empathy 3, Expression 4, Intimidation 1, Kenning 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1, Drive 1, Etiquette 2, Leadership 2, Performance 4, Linguistics 1, Mythlore 2, Politics 2
Backgrounds: Contacts 1, Dreamers 4, Resources 3
Arts: Chicanery 3, Primal 1, Soothsay 3
Realms: Actor 4, Fae 2, Prop 1, Scene 2
Glamour 4, Willpower 7, Banality 5
Simply by looking at Lydia, you can tell she is straight from som 30's movie. She is short, chubby, wears excessive makeup, and is very charming and pushy. She became rather famous in the late 30's for her movies, and sees no reason to change with the times. Now she teaches theatre classes at ACT, where she has an endless stream of young impressionable minds she can mold, just a little. She has kept from aging very well, and looks at least 20 years younger (and acts about 60 years younger). She's also got a little crush on Charlie, and frequently causes him to blush with her antics. She can't get enough of it.

Feld Melderninner
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Crafter/Fatalist
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Nocker
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 4, Sta 2, Cha 1, Man 3, App 2, Per 4, Int 4, Wits 3
Abilities: Alertness 3, Dodge 1, Intimidation 2, Kenning 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 1, Crafts 3, Security 3, Investigation 1, Politics 1, Business
Backgrounds: Chimera 3, Resources 2, Treasures 4
Arts: Primal 3, Soothsay 1, Wayfare 2
Realms: Actor 4, Fae 2, Prop 4, Scene 2
Glamour 4, Willpower 7, Banality 6
Feld owns the gift shop "Feld's Geegaw" which sells various museum gifts, chimerical nick nacks and a few treasures. He keeps an eagle's eye on the kids running around playing with the toys, and is quick to scold and take charge. Feld is very protective of his inventory, and allows no horseplay around the more expensive articles. Feld wears the craziest clothes, with fuzzy cuffs, mechanical ties or other random accessories. People often stare at his attire and nobody understands his clothing, becasue nobody "has sophistocated enough taste."

Salinger Freeman
Court: Seelie
Legacies: Courtier/Rogue
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Sidhe (Commoner)
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 2, Cha 4, Man 3, App 4, Per 2, Int 3, Wits 3
Abilities: Athletics 2, Empathy 2, Expression 3, Intimidation 1, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2, Drive 1, Etiquette 1, Leadership 2, Melee 2, Performance 3, Computer 1, Linguistics 1, Mythlore 1, Politics 2
Backgrounds: Mentor 3, Resources 1, Contacts 2, Chimera 3 (Chimerical rapier)
Arts: Chicanery 1, Legerdemain 1, Wayfare 1
Realms: Actor 2, Fae 1, Prop 1, Scene 2
Glamour 6, Willpower 6, Banality 4
Salinger is a college aged acting student who has been taking lessons at ACT from Lydia Fontayne. About a 6 months ago, Salinger underwent his Chrysalis and Lydia took him into fosterage. Although a sidhe, Salinger did not care for any of the court practices and refused to become part of the nobles. He has enjoyed these months as a changeling and has made a bunch of friends throughout changeling society. He still considers Lydia his mentor and continues his acting classes. In these classes, he has become fascinated with swordfights in famous plays such as MacBeth and Hamlet, and has taken up fencing on the side. The life of an actor is a life of struggle, and when the struggle for jobs or money becomes tough for Salinger, he will often slip into his mooching unseelie legacy.