A CMC Family tree

The following "family tree" is based on my own current understanding. I apologize for any errors and omissions.

Caveat: There are two things wrong with this tree. First, it should be a much more complicated graph: if I put myself in here I would have lines to Steve Rose, and both Jane and Bataan Faigao. Second the source of the information is often "I am so-and-so's student" rather than "so-and-so is MY student". I tend to be lenient about putting things IN and reluctant to take things OUT- this is not anything official - just an indication of the spread of Professor Cheng's tradition.

Another lineage from the Tai Chi Quan School of Central Equilibrium in New Zealand.

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An anonymous poster writes:

Huang Sheng Shyan learnt from Cheng Man Ching in Taiwan so he should be added to the Taiwan set. (Later he moved to Singapore and then Malaysia.)

Other students of Huang Sheng Shyan you could list are: Dr H H Tan James Lau K King Patrick Kelly

Editor: I am assuming Patrick Kelly and Pat Kelly are two different people..

Osman Phillips writes:

P.S.Tao is I am sure Cheng Man Ching's senior student in Taiwan, Mr Tao Ping Siang.

An anonymous poster writes:

Of the Taiwanese disciples of the Professors I feel there is one more important character that you have left out, that being Dr. Chi Chiang Tao. He had a number of top students himself who now run schools of repute in Great Britain.

Editor: I am assuming this is somebody different than P. S. Tao..

Michael Stenson writes:

Although I try to preserve Tam's form, I am a student of Jane & Bataan Faigao. While I have studied with many of CMC's senior students -- Tam, Ben, Maggie, Ed, Abraham and Wolfe, I was Jane & Bataan's first student in Colorado and I love and respect both of them immensely. My web site is T'ai Chi Ch'uan Classes at Prairie Winds

Editor: I have Jane and Bataan listed separately: I put Mike under Jane. Just convenience...

Dr. Arnold J. Lee writes:

Lineage: Student of Mr. Ben Lo
Address: Maryland Tai Chi Chuan Center
19723 N. Frederick Rd.
Germantown, Maryland 20876
Phone No.:301-515-8800

Avi Schneier writes:

I am Bill Phillips senior student along with James Leporati.

Mario Napoli writes:

Mario Napoli and Steve Levi are senior students of the late Stan Israel.

Mr. H. Tang writes:

From Cheng Man Ching, there is another branch out in Kuching, Sarawak of Malaysia - Hueng's TaiChi. At present the Chief Master of Hueng's taichi is Mr. Yapp Khiong who is teaching in Miri. He's the son-in-law of the Master Hueng who has passed away. Master Hueng has a few (not more than five) good students who really have acquired the TaiChi Jin. I mean, and I have seen, one of them and happens to be my master, can really send the opponent flying out with his jin.

Donald L. Schurman writes:

From Ben Lo to Kayo Robertson (Utah) to me (Idaho) AND from Jane and Bataan Faigao (Boulder, CO) to me.
Editor: Yes, this should be a graph and not a tree.

Jon Katz writes:

Hi- Please add Ellen and Len Kennedy to your CMC tree website. They are excellent teachers who studied with Bob Smith, and also study with Ben Lo (who gave them permission to teach t'ai chi). For their class schedules (Glen Echo Park, Maryland), please call please call (301) 587-4782 or Fax (301) 587-7223.

Thanks, Jon Katz (my article that includes discussion of Len and Ellen's gifts is at http://www.markskatz.com/jktaichi.htm).

and then he said:

- This is an errata to my previous message on the above topic. Len and Ellen Kennedy's t'ai chi brochure says they received permission from Robert Smith to teach t'ai chi. Although I believe that their literature previously said that Ben Lo gave the permission, I'm either mistaken, or else both gave permission and they just listed one. Therefore, if and when the feeling moves you, please switch Len and Ellen to the Robert Smith branch of your graph.
Editor: Since we are a tree and not a graph, I put them under Ben since it was he "who gave them permission to teach t'ai chi".

D. L. Brooks writes:

Under Ben Lo you should add his senior student, Terry Li, one of the few people to whom Ben gave permission to teach. The school's website is http://www.universaltaichi.com/

P.S. Master Lo attended the school's Chinese New Year's dinner as guest of honor and is still hale and hearty (and funny and informative).

An anonymous poster writes:

"Mr. Liu" is Liu Hsi-heng. In the mid 1980's, a few Americans became his disciples in formal "pai shih" ceremonies. Their names are: Mark Lord, Rick Halstead, Mike Moran, Danny Emerick, Bill Tucker, Michael Schnapp and Mark Hennessey.

Howard Feldman writes:

Steve Rose's first student in Santa Rosa. T'ai chi brother of Carl Hendel

Tom Campbell writes:

I apologize if you've already included this, but Abraham Liu studied with Professor Zheng in Taiwan. His U.S. students include Chris Luth and Terry Dunn.

Thanks for providing this partial lineage tree. It's interesting to watch Zheng Manqing's taijiquan unfold over the years.

Editor: Abraham was there - I've added Chris and Terry.

Morgan Buchanan writes

Don't forget Mr Hsu Yee Chung who is Professor's disciple in Taiwan, current head of the Shr Jung school and caretaker of Professor's grave.

anonymous writes

You may wish to include my teacher - Jan Kauskas - who is a student of Wolfe Lowenthal and teaches as part of Wolfe's 'Long River Tai Chi Circle' in Scotland (Glasgow and Stirling).

Peter Morrow writes

I like the tree and thought I could perhaps clarify the Dr Chi Chiang Tao question. He studied with CMC for 15 years in Taiwan (I have seen old footage of them going through the form together) after having already studied TCC for some time (I believe someone once told me it was a Chen style but I have no reference for this) and was VP of the Taiwanese T'ai Chi Chuan Association. Plenty of information on him is given in these articles: http://www.risingdragontaichi.com/history.html
http://www.risingdragontaichi.com/artchi.html by Richard Farmer (Herefordshire, UK - Rising Dragon T'ai Chi Association) who learnt from John Kells (founder of the British T'ai Chi Chuan Association) who learnt from Dr. Chi in Taiwan.

I know none of the aformentioned but am learning from Paul Baker (Bristol, UK - www.zaalberg.freeserve.co.uk/taichi) who learnt from Alan Peck (Bristol, UK - www.lamrim.org.uk/cwh_prog.htm), ), another student of John Kells.

To confuse the issue slightly more, both Richard Farmer and Alan Peck went on to study for a (short?) time with Dr. Chi after having gained Kells' permission to do so. If that wasn't bad enough my teacher Paul Baker has been learning from Wee Kee-jin (of the NZ School of Central Equilibrium that you link at the top of the 'tree' page) at his occasional workshops in Cardiff. I hope this helps, best regards,

Pete Morrow (Secretary of University of Bristol T'ai Chi Chuan society)

I'm in the midst of a move and don't have time to add all this to the tree at the moment. - pierre

Scott writes

Joe Lopez was a direct student of CMC in New York and currently preserves and teaches the form and push hands in Santa Monica CA. He has very good sensitivity and fa jing and never lets me get away with hard force - always referring to how professor did it and showing me pictures and video of professors form.

I've given up on the graphic version.

I am not sure where some people go: if in doubt I use "Other". There is no significance to the ordering.

2 November, 2001: "Other " has evaporated - thanks anonymous.

Cheng Man Ch'ing
New York
Latest: Joe Lopez
Tam Gibbs
Steve Rose
Howard Feldman
Stanley Israel
Steve Levi
Mario Napoli
Bill Phillips
James Leporati
Avi Schneier
Lou Kliensmith
Maggie Newman
Ed Young
Linda Schneiderman
Wendy Cali
Wolfe Lowenthal
Jan Kauskas
Carol Yamasaki
Jane Faigao
Mike Stenson
Bataan Faigao
Hueng Sheng-Shyan
Yapp Khiong
Wee Kee-jin
Yek Sing Ong
Dr H H Tan
James Lau K King
Patrick Kelly
Chi Chiang Tao.
Robert Smith
Ellen and Len Kennedy
P. S. Tao
Hsu Yee Chung
Zong Zi Jian
T. T. Liang
William C. C. Chen
Abraham Liu
Chris Luth
Terry Dunn
Mr. Liu: Liu Hsi-heng
Mark Lord
Rick Halstead
Mike Moran
Danny Emerick
Bill Tucker
Michael Schnapp
Mark Hennessey
Ben P. J. Lo
Terry Li
Arnold Lee
St. Louis TCC Association.(Tom Krapu et. al.)
Kayo Robertson
Donald L. Schurman
Lenzie Williams
Pat Kelly

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