The story so far.

This originally started out as a mere synopsis of the episodes. However, I found this just wouldn't be enough, therefore I've included a timeline of events from various sources, which should prove useful to all Evangelion or anime fans. Therefore, I've put the episode synopses on the next page.

Pre-2015 AD (Genesis 1).

4 billion years ago.

The "Great" or first impact, in which a meteor split the earth and moon apart according to the theory of lunar formation.

1946 AD-The discovery.

The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of Jewish texts dating from the first century AD and earlier are discovered in Qumran, Israel.

1967 AD-Gendo Ikari (Shinji's father) is born.

1977 AD-Yui Ikari (Shinji's mother) is born.

1985 AD-Ritsuko Akagi is born, Ryouji Kaji is born.

1986 AD-Misato Katsuragi is born.

September 13th 2000 AD-The second impact.

According to official records, a small asteroid, centimetres in diameter crashed into Mt Markham on the Shackelton coast of the Ross ice shelf, Antartica. However, the immense speed of the meteorite was seen to cause an immense explosion, several kilometres wide, evaporating the ice cap and causing floods, earthquakes and winds which virtually decimated the southern hemisphere.

It was later revealed however, by Lt Misato Katsuragi in 2015 that the second impact was really the result of a fallen angel, who, upon investigation by human forces, self destructed, causing the disaster.

Two billion people died.

September 15 2000 AD-The outbreak of war.

In the wake of the second impact, the outbreak of conflict between refugees on the Indian-Pakistani border saw the beginning of the wars for survival.

September 20 2000 AD-The destruction of Tokyo 2.

Following the conflict, a nuclear device was detonated in Tokyo 2, decimating the city. The capital was re-located to Matsumoto city, renamed Tokyo 2, the Government relocated to the Nagano prefecture.

500,000 civilians were killed in the explosion.

As of yet, the origin of the nuclear weapon remains unknown.

February 14 2001 AD-The Valentine cease fire.

Recognising the ominous return of the angels as noted within the Dead Sea Scrolls, the re-established United Nations form the supranational body known as NERV, an organisedion with near unlimited funds and resources to ressearch into and prevent a possible third impact. Appointed to the position of NERV supreme Commander is Gendou Ikari.

"...This is our secrtet underground base, NERV central..."

Research begins into the development of artificial men (EVA's), as human controlled, cyborg fighting machines to combat the angels. Only certain people may pilot EVA's, and therefore the Marduke institute is formed, under the presidency of Wozou Fuyutsuki.

Under NERV, construction begins on the old site of Tokyo 2 of the Geofront. This would be a subterranean chamber 6 kilometres wide and 900 metres high that would form NERV primary headquaters underneath the proposed fortress city of Tokyo 3, designed primarily to stand against the angels.

"...This city is a fortress, to stand against the angels. This is Tokyo 3..."

2001 AD-Births.

Shinji Ikari is born.

Rei Ayanami is born.

Sohryu Asuka Langley is born.

Mayumi Yamagishi, Touji Suzuhara, Hikari Horaki and Kensuke Aida are born.

2014 AD-The beginning of the end.

Work on the initial Evangelion units is completed. Unit 00 Prototype begins synchronisation testing with Rei Ayanami, named the First Children (translated as the first qualifier).

2015 AD-Neon Genesis begins.

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Map of coast of Japan, location of Tokyo 3 and Geofront. 1