Tristan's Trumpet Survey

(Don't laugh, I'm adding more questions as we speak!)
By the way, this is Wynton's horn!

Please tell me your name:

I would also like to know what part of the world you come from:

Enter you E-Mail address here if you want me to write you back:

If you have a home page, please tell me where it is:

1) Do you play the trumpet?


2) How serious are you about your playing?

If you can't find anything in these choices, tell me in the text space at the bottom.

3) Who is your favorite trumpet player?

    My favorite player is Wynton Marsalis, but how can you pick just one? There are so many other great players.

    Some other choices might be Maurice Andre, Dizzy Gillespie, Louie Armstrong (Satchmo), Maynard Ferguson,

    Arturo Sandoval, or any other player you like.

    I'll add more to this list if people would send in their answers!

4) Do you ever make money playing your trumpet?


Anything else you'd like to tell me and the whole world about yourself or your thoughts? Hmmmm? I'm waiting.

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