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Let's face it - opera, while the world's greatest and most fulfilling performance art form, is Show Business. And being Show Business, the artists involved are STARS. The greater the star quality of the artist, the more revenue they can amass for themselves, the opera houses in which they sing, their contracted recording labels and for products. Endorsing products is very well known in the areas of film, pop music and the like, but people don't necessarily think of opera stars as product endorsers. The fact is, they've been doing it all along, and still are. Well, in this area of OPERA MADNESS, we've collected a nice gallery of great singers' product endorsements. You'll find singers, composers, conductors, the whole lot - hawking cigarettes (?!), pianos, record players, records, perfume, throat losenges and so much more. All products - all commercialism - some very funny, some down-right shocking! All of these ads are from my personal collection, all scanned from original magazines, programs and leaflets; none are scanned from reproduction sources. As in the other areas of OPERA MADNESS, your input is very much invited, and if you have any comments or if you wish to add a scan to this collection, feel free to contact me by clicking here!


You can smell just like Mary Garden, 1910

Lawrence Tibbet liked Chesterfield, 1946

Lina Cavalieri for Columbia Records, 1910

Ezio Pinza says, "Smoke Camels" 1950

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