An unfinished portrait of W. A. Mozart painted around 1789 by Josef Lange (Mozart-museum, Salzburg)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

was undoubtly one of the greatest composers the world ever bore. He is still the genius in our cultivated minds. Unfortunately he was not always recognized as a great composer of the music history. During his live he had to fight with a lot of trouble and difficulties . First of all, his family connections were not easy: During his entire live, he had problems with his father Leopold who had dominated him in his youth, with the result of having changed a talentous son into a child prodigy. Besides, the provincial background of Salzburg, later Vienna's one gave him a hard time. Many historians are convinced that the Vienneses' sensation-seeking manner made him finally so sick and week that he died impoverished on the 5 of december 1791 in Vienna.
But what produced the myth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Therefore we must analyze different points. It is useful to begin with his enormous musical qualities. I do not only speak about the stupendous fastness he composed with, but also about his capacity in managing instruments (Mozart was a piano virtuoso, and he played in a dexterous manner violine). The deciding factors are in summary his marvellous compositions: although they were not all popular or accepted during his live (as an example the Vienneses' reserved reception of Don Giovani in opposite to the successful first performance in Prague), it is nowadays nearly impossible to find anyone who does not know the melody of the Little Nightmusic (Kleine Nachtmusik)! The publicity has contributed her's in populizing Mozart and his works. We must also add the modern image which accompanies Mozart: the image of the child prodigy who becomes later an enormous and, unfortunately, a sick composer who, misunderstood by his background, starts his Way of the Cross. This is one of the many ways which make possible to approach a genius like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.