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This photo is of three of my best friends from Interlochen Arts Camp from the summer of 1993. From left to right is Heather, Martijn and Adam.

This photo is of my good friend Beth. She is now a cello performance major at Eastman. This photo was taken on the dock to the ferry that takes you to an from Mackinaw island, in northern Michigan.

This a picture taken of me at some kind of party in 1996. Despite what you may think, I was not intoxicated when this was taken. :)
As a note, due credit must go to Peetie Sweetie for the donation of the beautiful shirt I'm wearing in this picture.

This is a photo of my good friend Ben. He sent it to me from Oberlin where he's a Trombone major now. I've known Ben since 1992 when we met at Interlochen.

More pictures to come...

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