Friends' URLs

Bukvic, Ivica "Ico" - Ico is a comp student here at CCM. Visit his page, it's pretty funny and soon he'll be adding real audio clips of his music.
Chouch, Lee - Aside from having been my organ teacher, Lee is a friend of mine from school and is a Doctoral Organ student. His page seems to be for personal info, a few links, and a R*sum*
Dockery, David - Dave is a fellow grad of Interlochen form 1996 and is now at the U of M. He also has a link on his page to mine, what a sweetie! His page seems to be influenced by the U of M Glee Club.
Olivari,Arcangel Castillo - Angel is a friend of mine from CCM. He is a grad composition student and his page has photos and other things.

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