One of my biggest passions is ballet, and if you follow this link, you can reach my Unofficial National Ballet of Canada Pages, or you can look up my favourite painter Degaswho did a series of ballet paintings and sculptures which reflect his own fascination with the art.

Musical Theatre is another of my favourite things. From the time I was taken to my first musical at 11, to the present, there has always been something magical about going to see a Broadway show. (Literally or figuratively.) Over the years I have kept scrap books of programs and newspaper clippings from my favourite shows, and my closet is stuffed with t-shirts and sweatshirts marking my experiences.

My absolute favourite musical is CATS. click here for more on CATS and Musical Links.

Being an English major in University, books have played a major role in my life, and my shelves are overflowing with everything from 18th century literature to contemporary romances. My favourite authors are too many to name, but for a sample of my literary tastes, visit my books page.

Classical composers were fascinating. To read more about them and view my favourite music quotes/links, visit myclassical music page

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