Literary References

So just how important is Pachelbel's Canon? This page contains references to the song in literary works. So far I have only one, from David Brin's The Postman, but I'm certain that there are a lot more. So, if you know of any literary works(fiction only), prefably a novel, that contain references to Canon, please e-mail me with the name of the work, the author, and an exert that contains the reference. You will be fully credited with your contribution.
David Brin's The Postman
       Through the closed doors he could hear faint music. Somewhere in the building there lifted the light, moving strains of Pachelbel's Canon--a twenty-year old recording playing on a stereo.
       He remembered weeping when he had first heard such music again. He had been so eager to think something brave and noble still existed in the world, so willing to believe he had found it here in Corvallis. But "Cyclops" turned out to be a hoax, much like his own myth of a "Restored United States."
       It still puzzled him that both fables thrived more than ever in the shadow of the survivalist invasion. They had grown amid the blood and terror into a something for which people were daily giving their lives.
       "It's just not working," he told the ruined machine again, not expecting an answer. "Our people fight. They die. But the camouflaged bastards will be here by summer, no matter what we do."
       He listened to the sweet, sad music and wondered if, after Corvallis fell, anyone anywhere would listen to Pachelbel, ever again.

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