The Bostridge Page

Welcome to The Bostridge Page!

What's this then?

This is the all-new Ian Bostridge Fan Page. After going to see him in Berkeley I decided the old page was horribly outdated and couldn't be rescued, so I started from scratch again.

Bostridge? Who's he?

He is the world's finest specimen of tenorhood. He doesn't bellow, like some frightful creatures do, and he has a very fine intellect as well as a beautiful voice. He received his DPhil - that's PhD to you non-Oxonian peons :) - from Oxford, specifically St. John's. After that he was a Junior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi (the college, not the town in Texas). Now he's doing opera and giving concerts all over the place and is more than ever before hailed as Britain's (and Britten's) new posterboy tenor. He's been 32 for an awfully long time now, I'm sure he's turned 33 by now.

So what have you got here?

Good question. Since the update, the site has been broken down into multiple files to make things more organized. More to come as the site grows...

Links, who's got the links?

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