What, you actually like tenors??

Well, this is supposed to be a page about tenors. I don't really know that much about them, except that I love lyric tenors and can't stand Heldentenors.
Let me give you a few examples of tenors.
First off, there is the Grown Up Tenor.
Then there's the lazy tenor. Watch for the Wahlstrom Abuse Page, going up soon!
Then there's the Pre-Pubescent Baritone we all know and love... :-)
The rest are either godlike or doglike.
One little comment: a godlike tenor (Ian Bostridge) can be found here.
I think I have a love/hate relationship with that voice-part. Of course I like all my tenor email correspondents - I wouldn't write to them otherwise! But there is something about the tenor mind (at least in America) that leads them to believe that they are greater deities than I am! Oh, well! Let them wallow in their delusion...
Here's a bit of an update: I seem to have figured out that I like English and Swiss tenors, so here is my lovely Top Five Tenor Countdown!
5. John Mark Ainsley
4. Hugues Cuénod
3. Ernst Haefliger
2. Fritz Wunderlich
1. Ian Bostridge
You will notice that they all more or less lave a rather light, brightish tone, and that above all they sound (mostly!) like human beings and they have brains, a rarity among tenors :-) (Please don't murder me for this last flip comment!)
You will also notice that, since Cuénod and Haefliger have retired and Wunderlich is dead, this will be changed to the "top 2 tenor countdown" - John Mark Ainsley and Ian Bostridge. Mayer's musical fantasy of the year: Ian B. and JMA singing "Zefiro torna" by Monteverdi.
More tenor-musing yet to come. So far, there have been tenor-watchers here.
Created June 10, 1996, last modified (a little) April 22, 1997

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