Books are special. As you can with a song, you can find yourself losing yourself void of reality, deeply caught in the grips of a good book. While I would hardly ever consider myself a book critic (sometimes I think I'm just barely literate), I thought it might be nice if I were to tell all of you about those books which I have read.

I have built this section of Bassist's Home Page in association with:, which is what I have found to be, not only the best book store on the 'Net, but the best overall store on the internet.

Only with rare exception to do review a book that I do not own. I believe that if you were to have the decency to purchase a book from this site, I should have the decency to purchase it first.

Edgar Allan Poe - Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth series
George Orwell - 1984, Animal Farm
Thomas Harris - Hannibal Lechter series
Dave Barry - Humor collections

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