Well, I'm 21 now, and drinking beer legally, something that I'm not used to (I did the very bad thing of drinking underage - tisk tisk). While I greatly enjoy the silly antics of the Budweiser frogs & watching horses play football, I've become greaty displeased with most beer. Not all beer, but most of the popular ones - and they are generally the ones who spend a great amount of their income on advertising.

So, for those of you who simply don't know much about beer, think Lite beer is a Godsend, or if you refulse to think there is life other than Bud, I offer this page - with my favorite beers . . . no lite beers, and nothing from Anheiser Bush.

Of course, I'm not about to say that my opinion is the only opinion of beer. My friend Ryan has created a nice beer review page that brings up those (to be polite) non-expensive beers. It's humerous - crude and straightforward, just as beer should be!

Pilsner Urquell
My favorite beer, simply put. It's the first pilsner ever made, and has a full, satasfying taste. A good head is necessary on this pour - no not all head, but a good half inch of head. As with any good beer, the head brings out the flavor (which happens to be loaded with hops). An import from Pilsen, Czech Republic, this is among the more expensive of beers - and while it is my favorite, it definately doesn't warrant the extra dollar or two a pint it commands. But, as a treat I think most people would be very satasfied with it.
Yuengling Lager
Yuengling is a beer that's (finally) gaining some prominence in America. It's America's oldest continiously brewed beer, and there is a reason why they haven't changed things with it. It has a real nice flavor - real beer flavor. The cost of this beer increases as you get further away from where it is brewed (Pottsville, PA, USA). At school this beer is dirt cheap (cheaper than 90% of all of other beer that I would drink . . . and those beers that are cheaper than it happen to be brewed by Yuengling). Be careful, though, in most areas of the nation, if you order a Yuengling, they'll probably give you Yuengling Black & Tan (which ranks a little bit lower on my list), a darker, more expensive beer.
Stoudt's Fest
The first (and only) microbeer to make my list. This beer is very heavy - with a very strong taste. If you suspect that you don't like the taste of beer (if you actually like such beers as: Keystone Lite, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, or Miller Lite you do not actually like beer - you only like the effects of beer and I'd switch to schnapps if I were you), do not try this, as you will probably hate it. But a true beer lover will absolutely love this one. I mention this is a microbrew, ahtough it is available in a macrobrew format - only that one is pasteurized. I don't want something that has been sitting on the shelf for awhile (wait, no I'm not pushing Budweiser but they do have something with born-on dating) - when I get it, I'll drink it. I don't need anything to detract from the taste to allow it to keep longer. If you end up in Adamstown, PA give the brewery a visit and treat yourself to a nice, wholesome beer.
Budweiser (Budvar)
The original Budweiser, brewed in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, is a very good beer. In fact it's the only beer that I've drank that tasted just as good warm as it did cold. Most beers get considerably better as their temperature gets closer to that of ice. This beer has the same feeling of Pilsner Urquell - with a much heavier taste. In fact, it's a tiny bit too heavy for me - otherwise it would find itself on top of the list. Again, give it a good head and enjoy (if you can afford it - I don't even think it's sold in America due to trademark issues. Budweiser, as it's known in America, is sold in the Czech Republic (although I don't think anybody buys the overpriced import) under the name Anheiser-Busch . . . funny, huh?)
People tell me that they want to drink lite beers because they're watching their calorie intake. Well, I guess I should probably be watching my calorie intake - and I do when I'm drinking Guiness. It's calorie count matches that of any lite beer, but this one is good! Don't be fooled by the dark color - it's not that heavy. It drinks as easy as coke, and this is my choice of beer on a hot, muggy day - just make sure you pour it without any regard to head (just dump it into a glass) and let it sit. Truly good things come to those who wait. I'm looking forward to someday drinking this in it's native Dublin, Ireland (and after that, it's ranking will probably increase).
Dos Equis Special Lager
It might not be the beer that you think of when you think of Mexico (Corona - next on the list usually matches that thought), but I really think this is the best Mexican export. It's a nice beer: smooth, full of flavor - a real good lager. Brewed in Monterrey, Mexico, it's finally a real push in the American market (I love those commercials, too).
Corona Extra
My definition of a lite beer, Corona is like the Sprite of beer. It's lighter, it goes down easier, it satasfies any thirst, and it tastes great. Another import from Mexico, it is easily distinguished by it's light yellow color and the painted label. Drinking it simply makes me think of it's commercials with palm trees and beaches. Another great beer for those really hot days. Of course, this is not a lite beer - it's calorie & alcohol content do not match light beers (and, in fact, Corona has a lite beer) . . . but you know what - beer is beer - don't drink it if you're trying to stay healthy. You want to get drunk, drink hard liquor. You don't want something with much of an alcohol content, drink soda. If you don't want a heavy beer, drink this.
Red Dog
I know, it's not exactly a good beer - in fact, it would be a real push to claim this beer is decent (or maybe even say that it's a bad beer . . . but it's not horrible). But this is a beer that holds a centimental place in my heart, as it's a good chugging beer. You see, at college we play a game called Beruit (or beer pong with a whole lot of beer and no paddles), and this is the cheap beer of choice, because you go through a lot of it in a little bit of time. If you're more interested in the quanity of beer - and care little for quality - this it the beer to go with. It might not be the cheapest, but I think it's the best buy for the money.

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