Happy Independence Day!

From the beginning of this Nation's History, our People have taken a different path than that of the rest of the World. A different concept seemed to guide those who founded this Nation.
The concept of Liberty, Justice, And the Pursuit of Happiness.
All we asked of the World was to be let alone - to grow in Our way, and to Flourish as We saw fit.

It was a Dream of Freedom that many scoofed at, and which still eludes many of our People to this day.

But Many Brave People died for that concept. Much Blood was spilled. And yes, many Mistakes were made along Our way. Even those mistakes were paid for at a fearsome price. And still Americans strive for the Dream!
We are not a European Nation, nor African, Asian, or anything else. We are The United States of America! And no Nation on Earth is our equal!

Each July 4th, the People of this Nation celebrate Our Independence. Bought with blood from 1775 to 1783, a rag-tag Army of Volunteers, of Men and Women, of all races, and creeds, defeated the mightiest Nation on the Earth, and became Independent!

"God Bless Our Armed Forces,
wherever they may be!"


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