Arts and Sciences Topics:

The following topics have been arranged for term two:

May 6:   Shoemaking: Baroness Eleonora van den Bogaerde
May 13: Masks : THL Teres de la Maunche
May 20: Calligraphy: THL Vitale
May 27: Dance: Various, including Lord Richard

Council Meeting:

College Council will now meet on the last Thursday of the month, effective in February. From March onwards they will occur in the UCSA Building, University of Canterbury, Ilam Rd. 5:30 pm.

Officers Required:

The Seneschal of the College of Reannag Fhara requests that the pupulace provide the College with the following officers:
Deputy Seneschal,
Arts and Sciences Officer.

To fulfil UCSA affiliation requirements officers should be a student of the University of Canterbury, and expect to be a student next year.

Bids Welsome:

Bids are currently being considered by the College for the following events:
College Anniversary (August 1999)
Midwinter Encampment (Mid 1999)
Any other event you care to hold.

If you're keen, contact Lord Richard, or come along to College Council Meetings.

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