Who to contact and where.

Regnum for the Kingdom of Caid

King and Queen: al-Tomuki (T.S. Morgan) and Luciana (Nancy Garbarini)
Chamberlain: Lady Chretienne Angele de Courtenay (Bonnie Black-Shockey).
Seneschal: Baroness Cara Michelle DuValier (Carolyn Zitny) USA +1-714-544-4669.
Liason for New Zealand: Aelfric Aelfricson (Chris Saindon) USA. +1-619-278-8894 (before 10pm his time).

College of Reannag Fhara

Seneschal: Lord Richard des Alpes (Richard Goodwin), 105 Brookside Tce, Bryndwr Christchurch. (03) 351-0847 Email:
Herald: not currently filled, contact Lord Richard
Arts and Sciences: not currently filled, contact Lord Richard
Chatelaine: Lady Heloise du Mont St. Michel (Miriam Bugler) (03) 355-9911
Chronicler: Mistress Madelein Cereis de Toulouse (Ros Davis) (03) 352-4434 Email:
Constable: Lord Valerian (Brendon Duncan) (03) 332-7661 Email:
Exchequer: Aliena,
Marshal: Michael (Thuens Verwoerd) Email:

Barony of Southron Gaard

Baron and Baroness: Baron Sigurd Hardtrader and Baroness Eleonora van den Bogaerde (Nick Turner and Simone Hindin) Ph. (03) 382-3317. Email: and
Seneschal: Mistress Cristia ni Cairbre o'Callanain (Liz Bond) Ph. (03) 377-7714.
Chronicler: Sir Ulf fra Sjaeland (Steve Rennell) (03) 381-7454 Email:
Chatelaine: THL Teres de la Maunch (Meredith Hart) (03) 348-2214

Guild contacts

Dance Guild: The Guild of Terpsichore, Lady Angharad (Suzanne Upton) (03) 355-0208 Email c/-:
Seamsters' Guild: Baroness Eleonora

Shire of Ildhafn (Auckland, NZ)

Seneschal: Lady Nataliya L'vovicha (Kelsie McArthur) (09) 849-3292 Email:
Chatelaine: Beatrix de Compostella Santiago (BJ Parkinson) (09) 849-4478

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