My Favorite Authors

While I will read almost anything, from cereal boxes to dictionaries, I do of course, have my favorites. I have collections of books I have cherished since childhood and some I read over and over, almost ritualistically.
The table below is by no means complete, but for brevity's sake, I have used links instead of editorializing so that you may follow up on an author in which you may have some interest.
(NB 2005: All the links to my specific authors expired so I edited the linking HTML out. MysteryNet is still working as of June 1, 2005.)


 Robert Jordan -The Wheel of Time series.
    I received all 8 of these books at Christmas and read them through twice. Now I'm waiting for book #9...hurry, hurry!!
 Anne McCaffrey -The Dragonriders of Pern series.
    Most of this series I own, all of it I've read at least twice.
 J.R.R. Tolkien -The Lord of the Rings
    The Grand Master of Fantasy and an annual ritual for me.


For this section, I've used only one link to  MysteryNet , as all of the authors are listed there.
You will note that my favorite mystery novelists do not have explicit scenes of violence, there are few "action" scenes (car chases, fist fights, etc.) and almost no sex. This is because I enjoy the "intellectual" exercise of solving the mystery rather than the vicarious adrenalin rush of activity.

Dame Agatha Christie
    The Supreme Lady of the drawing room mystery. I own all of her novels and have read each of them many times.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Sherlock Holmes has no peer. Though not as frequently read as Christie, I also own all the Sherlock Holmes
    stories. Doyle would no doubt be appalled, but I have all of the Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes
    movies as well.
Ellery Queen-(Lee and Dannay)
    Very light fare, but amusing.
Earl Derr Biggers-Charlie Chan
    I love the philosophical asides in these novels.
Erle Stanley Gardner-Perry Mason
    Wishful thinking...that a lawyer would be so interested in justice and his client. Maybe this belongs in the
    Fantasy section.
Rex Stout-Nero Wolfe
    There is nothing endearing about the obese and sedentary Nero Wolfe, and I find Archie a predictable nuisance at times, but the combination makes an entertaining read and I'm still in the process of collecting Rex Stout novels.


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