MUSIC is essential to me.Most of my collection of CDs, cassettes and LPs is classical or easy listening, but I have a bit of rock, some C/W (not much) and even some opera. As much as I like music, one of my pet peeves is having someone else's preferences forced on me...I have never had to ask anyone to turn down the volume on their classical or operatic selections, but many people who listen to country, rock and rap crap seem determined to inflict their noise on anyone within a half mile's radius. Is one's taste in music directly linked to one's courtesy and consideration for others? Probably not, but looks like fertile ground for a lengthy and expensive government survey!

I also have a collection of musical instruments, none of which I play proficiently. I have a piano, an antique pump organ, a bowed psaltry, a dulcimer, a guitar, recorder, pan flute and of course, an electronic keyboard.

Musical Sites Worth a Visit

  • Crescendo (DEAD LINK!)

  • Guitar Net (DEAD LINK!

  • The Classical Midi Archives (Still working!)

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