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Harlow, glad you could make it... it is now

(as you should know by now). This page is created very much for those who find listening to classical music boring; who take an interest in other things. It contains other

"useful information"

like for example, the It also provides a quick access to other pages in this messy website. Meanwhile, You can click the s on this page to see other interesting stuff like photos of my family, friends and myself; but for now, that's not ready (sorrie). Click on 'Smiley' to return to your home.

For those who are not so 'into' classical music, stick around and browse! who knows, this page might have something that interests you. Do sign my guestbook to let me know you've been here ( SIGN IT! ) :
I'll try to include s and stuff as time goes by that are worth looking through...

I'm a fan of the Piano and Classical Guitar, but can play a bit of the trumpet, flute and drum set too. Have Fun ok?...

I like drinking 'Chrysanthemum',
especially when it is cold. (seriously!)
But ice lemon tea, barley and plain water are kinda nice too. I dislike soft drinks because they are so gassy; 100Plus is an exception

I like Classical Music! Get Me Out'a Here!

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