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Since last night(7-10-96), I have searched for a web page devoted to Glenn Miller, and have found to my great dismay that, as far as I can tell, THERE AREN'T ANY!!! Please forgive the condition of this page; I am tossing it up rather hastily. I'm not trying to sell CDs or compile a comprehensive list of musicians; I'm just an ex-trumpeter who doesn't want Glenn's unique and wonderful music to be left out for another minute. Information, graphics, and links will be added as soon as I find them (and learn a bit more about FTP and such).

Ever since my early days in junior high school stage band Glenn Miller's music has held an untouchable place in my heart. If you've ever played the trumpet, you know what I mean when I say that there's nothing quite like the feeling you get upon hearing the first few bars of "In the Mood." To me no other music even approaches Glenn's combination of exhuberant playfulness, sentimentality, pinache, and style.

Glenn's Music

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