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The Viennese Ball Season
What is the carnival in Rio is the Ballseason in Vienna. And as nearly everything in Vienna the "Balls" have a long tradition, and especially the typical Ball-dance music, the Viennese Waltz, enjoys a unique world fame.

The Vienna State Opera Ball
From the very beginning, the Vienna Opera Ball was an international social event of the first magnitude. It is the spiritual child of dance evenings held in the Redoutensaal and in Vienna´s aristocratic palaces. Their zenith was reached during the brilliant balls and receptions held during the Congress of Vienna which went down in history with the line "The Congress didn´t sit, it danced."

The Viennese Cuisine
Welcome to Viennese cuisine seasoned with the ingredients of the imperial-royal monarchy ennobled by the imperial court, enjoyed in traditional cosiness.

The Spanish Riding School
The great double doors at the end of the riding hall swing slowly, slowly open, moved by invisible hands. The violins of Bizet's "Arlésienne Suite" breathe a gentle invitation, and from the gloom of the passageway the first horse and rider, an apparition in brown and white, move gravely forward into the hushed arena.

The Viennese Café
The Viennese Café is more than just a place to drink some coffee. It is a philosophy of life.

A City of Empire Retains Her Glory - Part I - The "Hofburg"
Once the seat of a sprawling empire of fifty million, now capital of a nation of less than eight million, Vienna has maintained a facade worthy of its former glory.

A City of Empire Retains Her Glory - Part II - The "Ringstrasse" and other Imperial Monuments
The Habsburg emperors once ruled a huge empire from Vienna. The city is still dominated by the castles and places of the imperial seat.

Roaming through the City by Fiaker
An elegant carriage, a driver with a bowlerhat and two beautiful horses: that´s what makes a Fiaker and the most traditional and romantic way for you to discover Vienna.

Otto Wagner - Art Nouveaux Architecture
Art Nouveaux and Art Deco in architecture was on its peak in the periode of the turning century betwenn 1880 and 1920. Most of Otto Wagner's buildings are famous and unique and have become extraordinary sights.

Hundertwasserhaus - Alternativ Architecture
Hundertwasser believes that man should live more in harmony with nature. Our buildings should contribute to our environment and our living space should resemble the environment we evolved in. To that end, he plants quite a few trees to grow out of buildings and the floors are quite irregular - three-dimensional surfaces.

Arriving in Vienna
If you have not booked your hotel or your transfer in advance, here are the answers.

Grinzing and the Heurige
The "Heurige" is one the most special and typical Viennese institiutions. You can find these places in all austrian wine-regions - but nowhere else in the world!

Off the Tourist Path
Not only the great buildings and memorials are witnesses of the rich history and culture. Many hidden and quiet places provide the city with a magic flair.

The Palmers Story - or how a public scandal lead to a new femal self-esteem
Austria's leading underwear producer Palmers introduced 1981 a complete new line in advertising. The new campaign caused a hot scandal and especially the feministic scene felt mighty shaked up.
Public posters of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campell, Nadja Auermann, Tatjana Patiz, and many others.

Vienna Art Links
A growing number of Austrian museums and galleries are emerging on the World Wide Web.
Look here also for theaters, opera houses, and more.

Emperor Franz Joseph - Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary
In Vienna, history comes alive - more than six centuries of Habsburg rule have left an indelible mark on the city, its music, art, literature and architecture.

"Sisi" - Empress Elisabeth
The last great Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who was already a legend in her lifetime.

The Habsburg Dynasty - History
By 1278 the Habsburgs managed to rule Austria right up until WW I. Although the Habsburgs were not averse to using a bit of muscle, they preferred less barbaric ways of extending their territory and so Austria gradually expanded thanks to judicious real estate purchases and many politically-motivated marriages.


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