Alternativ Architecture in Vienna

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born 1928 in Vienna as Friedrich Stowasser. He changed his name 1949 into Hundertwasser. His education was just a three months visit to the viennese acadamy of art in 1948. So he is in fact an autodidact.

In the years 1949-1952 he travels a lot to Marokko, Tunis, Paris and to the Toskana. These travels gave him decisive influences and experiences for his future artistic work.

In 1951 he joins the "Art-Club" of Vienna, where he has his first exposition. At that time his work is dominated by decorative abstract forms. 1953 he finds the spiral as his most expressive motive.
1959 he is lecturer in Hamburg in the university of educational art. Many expositions, making naked speeches, and his revolutionary ecolgical ideas make him more and more famous. Today especially his architectural works are world famous. He works and lives in Vienna and New Zealand.

Vienna, Löwengasse
Hundertwasserhaus Hundertwasserhaus Hundertwasserhaus

Hundertwasser believes that man should live more in harmony with nature. Our buildings should contribute to our environment and our living space should resemble the environment we evolved in. To that end, he plants quite a few trees to grow out of buildings and the floors are quite irregular - three-dimensional surfaces.

in Vienna
Cafe in Vienna
Hundertwasserhaus Hundertwasserhaus
Hunderwasserhaus near Frankfurt

Hundertwasserhaus Wien

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