Otto Wagner

Metro Station

18th Century - La Fin de Siecle - Art Nouveaux Architecture

Art Nouveaux and Art Deco in architecture was on its peak in the periode of the turning century betwenn 1880 and 1920. Most of Otto Wagner's buildings are famous and unique and have become extraordinary sights.

The city of Vienna as "Testing Ground of Modernism" has provided in turn-of-the-century a very special "climate" with developments in music, painting, philosophy, physics, psychology and architecture. Today well known people like Ludwig Boltzmann, Sigmund Freud, Mahler, Klimt, or Otto Wagner created very progressive and unique styles and ideologies, which have been the basics of many other following developments and still enjoy a great fame and popularity.

It was Otto Wagner and his gifted students, Josef Hoffmann and Josef Olbrich, who led the attempt to modernize architecture and interior furnishings. All three were founding members of the Vienna Secession which broke away from the ultraconservative Künstlerhaus in May, 1897. Olbrich was chosen to design their celebrated exhibition hall (kunsthalle) renowned for its large spiracle cupola of openwork leaves. Completely restored, the building is still used for art exhibitions and has become a famous Vienna landmark.

On top metro station at Karlsplatz.

Right: "Sezession" at Karlsplatz - Art Museum with Klimt Exposures

The influences of this style are various. It seems to be a mixture of classic greek, some jewish, some chinese and japanese, some french baroque, oriental elements... and finally the viennese flair....

Post Post Post
Post Office

Steinhof Church

Post Office main hall and outdoor front, located near Ringstrasse and Schwedenplatz. On the right Church "am Steinhof" in the park area of the hospital "Baumgartner Höhe". Below decorated appartmenthouses at "linke Wienzeile" near "Naschmarkt".

Decorated Facade
Golden Facade


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