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If pictures paint a thousand words, then a badly composed snapshot should surely be worth at least a hundred. This is a collection of badly composed pictures, some recent and some old gems from the archives.

James is a West Australian lost in Sweden

This web page is intended for family and friends to see pics from the comfort of their armchairs and saves postage costs and multiple emails. Pics are taken in both 35mm and 120 format and mostly use a composition rule known as "point and click".

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This is a Gädda (Pike), the enemy!

[Disco Fever] [Fishing Pics] [Summer 2001] [Contemplation] [Oz 2001] [Nepal 2000] [De Weddin'] [Amitabha] [Dec/Jan2000] [Paul and Ronnie come to Sweden] [October 99] [Summer 99] [Black & Whites] [Sydney in the olden days] [Stuff from the vault] [USA 99] [Australia/Asia 98/99] [December 98] [Family] [Friends] [Miscellaneous]

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