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Hi there, and thankyou for visiting the Classical Music Home Page. As you may have guessed already, my name is Chris and I am the one responsible for the page and its contents (ok, you can sue me now). This page is more of a hobbie than anything and its something I enjoy updating from time to time. What I would like though is for some more idea's of what 'YOU' would like to see?, surely I havent covered everything you would like to know about classical music?, I would be more than happy to help out the best I can.

The picture to the left of screen is me doing a bit of a jig-a-lig. Its amazing what little whipper-snappers can do these days with milk, mashed peas and a computer.

For those of you who have managed to read this far, my occupation is an Analyst\Programmer for Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia. We work primarily with ORACLE products, namely Designer and Developer/2000 and ORACLE WebServer, accessing a range of Database versions from 6 to 7.3. If you would like more information on my skills in this area then please email me.

Apart from siting at this damn computer most of the week, I love mountain biking, classical music, cooking, and.. come to think of it, virtually anything really. I try to make the most of my weekends with outside activities and try something a little different every day. I have a small family here in Perth who I get to visit once in a while. But the most cherished people would have to be Mum, Dad and my little Brother, I say little, but he could probably give me a back-hander I would not forget *grin*.

Well, thats about it really.... if your in Perth (Western Australia) and would like discuss anti-matter on Pluto and pass the time away with a coffee, feel free to mail me. Have a great day :)

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